This story is about a woman named Brianna Anne Bullins who gets a chance to be in Smackdown. She is determined to get the Women's Championship belt and she has a promise she made to herself a long time ago. She will carry out this promise until the end. On the way she falls for a rainbow haired cutie named Jeff Hardy, but then their is somebody else who is keeping her back from being with him. Who is it? Will she ever be with Jeff?
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Until The End : Chapter 1         By Hillary           The Last Win

From behind the curtains I hear the crowd screams and cries. My challenger was making their way down the ramp. I was nervous about this match, because it was against my arch enemy Heather. If it were a normal match I wouldn’t be. This match was for the Women’s Championship belt and I intended to win.

“Here comes the undefeated Women’s Championship belt holder , Death Angel,” My theme song blasted as I came out running toward the ring not wasting a moment with my fans hollering “Death Angel.”

As I got into the ring Heather seemed confident like she always was, but as I looked closer I seen fear in her green eyes. She knew what pain I could inflict on her and she knew I would not stop at nothing to defend my belt seeing as I’ve been undefeated for ten years going on eleven. It became tiring, but it was worth it. I felt as if I was on top of the world.

Soon the match had begun and I went running at her spearing her in the lower body. I wasted no time as I stood over her ready to put her into a submission, which was a deadly headlock, which I was best known for. She struggled to make a rope break as I increased the pressure, but she made it forcing me to release her. After awhile she gained momentum and got up and came running at me full speed, but I seen it coming and I clotheslined her.

She fell to the ring floor as I smirked down at her. That’s when I attempted to make a pin fall. “One, Two- Hollered the referee as Heather kicked out.

I knew I had to do something as Heather began a slapping fest in the middle of the ring, so as she was coming in for another slap to my face I countered it putting her in an Argentine Facebuster one of my favorite moves from Edge. When her face made contact with the floor a wicked sneer spread across my face. I would keep going to inflict more pain on her then I had ever before.

Heather groaned as I pulled her up by the hair standing her up on her wobbly feet. Smirking I fling her in to the corner hitting the turnbuckle. She winced in pain with her long dyed platinum blond hair in her face. I ran at her.

Lucky for her she moved out of the way and I ran right into the turnbuckle hitting it hard. I thanked God that the turnbuckle was padded, but all the same it hurt. Heather took this opportunity to pull me into the middle of the ring starting a fierce stomping fest on my body. I groaned in pain grimacing as Heather got on top of me punching me numerous times in the face with a demoniacal smile on her ugly pinched up face. I tried not to scream in pain because I didn’t want her to know how much pain she was putting me through. After the fifth punch I screamed out in pain as I heard my fans begin to boo Heather and some chanted “Death Angel” louder than ever.

With that I countered the sixth punch and pushed her off of me standing up. The fans went hysterical as Heather came running at me. I stood there acting like I wasn’t going to do anything with my long dyed bright pink side bangs in my grayish blue eyes.

Apparently, Heather thought this too, but she was mighty fool when I big booted her in the face with my black combat boot. She fell like a rock onto the ring floor knocked out. It was over and I smirked looking down at my defeated opponent.

“Here’s your winner and undefeated champion, the Death Angel,” hollered the announcer as my theme song blurred from the speakers around the arena. My fans screamed for joy as the referee held up my arm signaling that I had in fact won.

I slid out of the ring as the paramedics came running out with a stretcher to put the unconscious Heather on. With my belt in my hands from which the referee had handed to me when I was about to slid out of the ring, I held it up for all the fans to see. They chanted my named as I brought it down.

I have the best job in the world I thought as I high-fived with a teenage girl with a shirt on that had me on it and under it said “Death Angel.”

Going back behind the curtains I walked to the locker room to change out of my wrestling attire and then I would go by my boss man’s office Mr. Russell to talk. When I was changed into some black ripped skinny jeans and an “Avenged Sevenfold” T-shirt not changing the boots which I had to put back on after I put on my jeans, I walked out the door toward Mr. Russell’s office.

“Congrats on the win tonight,” said my best friend, Skylar as I made my way down the hallway on my way there.

“It was a piece of cake,” I said with a wicked smile on my lips.

“You was wicked out there, Brianna!” my best friend said as she walked along side me.

“I know! Wasn’t it awesome?!” I beamed at her smiling.

“Especially the ending,” she said. “You big booted her good square in her pinched up mug.” I giggled at the last part of the remark that was about my archenemy.

“Well, see you around girly,” Skylar said as she walked in the opposite direction in which I was going.

“Bye,” I said smiling and waving at her departing form as I opened the door to Mr. Russell’s office.

When I entered his office I was surprised to see an almost so familiar face, which was talking to my boss across the room behind his desk. They both looked up right in time as I closed the door slowly. I was confused of way this man was in here and Mr. Russell read my face and mind.

“Brianna,” He started as I sat down in the seat beside the also familiar man. “This-

“Mr. McMahon,” I answered for him as I began to remember. He nodded and I shook hands with Mr. McMahon.

“Brianna,” Mr. Russell said sternly. “Mr. McMahon wants you to come to Smackdown and since your contract is almost up I think you should go.”

“I’ve been doing well, haven’t I?” I exclaimed sitting up in my seat.

“Yes, you have- Mr. Russell began but I cut him off.

“Look I don’t want to leave! All of my friends are here!” I said frantically wide eyed.

“Calm down, Brianna,” Mr. Russell said coolly.”I know this is all of a sudden, but it’s for the best. You have the potential to go far in Smackdown and Mr. McMahon sees that. He wants you.”

Looking down at the floor I started to think. Could this be a good thing for me? Hey, I would get to meet all my favorite wrestlers that I had grown up watching and began to love. I looked up at Mr. Russell, “I’ll go,” I said defeated as a ping of happiness and sadness pierced my heart.

Both men smiled and looked at me. “Then next month you will be taking a break and then the next month you will be in Smackdown after signing the contract,” Mr. McMahon said standing up leaving not before shaking hands with both me and Mr. Russell.

“You won’t regret this decision,” Mr. Russell said as I smiled after taking a breath of air.