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Until The End : Chapter 2                                                      The Farewell

Since I would be moving to Smackdown Mr. Russell said that I should do a retiring match. I said okay to it and he told me that I would have to lose the match to my competitor that I had no idea was. I hoped that I would get to fight someone that was one of my friends and not one of my enemies, because I didn’t want to leave the belt to someone I knew didn’t deserve it.

“Who will be my challenger?” I ask for the tenth time today to my boss, which was standing next to me behind the curtains.

“You will see just a second, Brianna be patient,” He replied smiling as I heard my theme music come on. I took a deep breath and ran out to be joined by the chanting of “Death Angel” from all sides of the arena.

“Here she is the Women’s Championship belt holder, Death Angel!” exclaimed the announcer in the middle of the ring into a microphone.

This would be the last time I would come down this ramp I thought as I twirled around showing of the belt that was around my waist. I blew some kisses at the crowd and smiled wickedly. I would make my fans remember this day forever.

“And her challenger Skylar!” the announcer screamed into the microphone.

There she was, my best friend and challenger running down the ramp. Shock and surprise struck me, but I did not want the fans to know, so I covered it up with a calm face. Skylar slid into the ring and then blew kisses at her adoring fans like I had. I thought this match should be very interesting.

Then the match began and I ran at her just as her foot came up kicking me square in the jaw. I knew I had that one coming just as she grabbed me and threw me into the corner. The crowd of fans either booed at what Skylar did or whooped and hollered. I bowed my head with my bangs in my face acting like I was unconscious as Skylar ran to the other side of the ring to make a running start at me.

When she started to run and was getting halfway I dodged her attack and she went running into the turnbuckle. This made the crowd go wild with excitement and with that I grabbed her legs pulling her way from the corner into the middle of the ring to do a submission, which was a headlock.

Since Skylar was my best friend I took it easy on her while she was in the headlock. She grimaced in pain at how firmly I had her in the headlock and she moved around struggling to make it to the ropes. Luckily for her she made it and I let go as she laid there on the mat.

I took this opportunity to get on the turnbuckle and do a moonsault off of it. I landed right on her and then tried to pin her. She kicked out before the referee made it to a three count. I stood up acting like I was frustrated and turned my back to Skylar arguing with the referee.

Giving Skylar the opportunity to get up and run at me drop-kicking me in the back. I held my back grimacing in pain as she dragged me by the arm. She threw me and I went flying into the ropes, which made me spring back. She connected her fist with my face making me fall face first onto the mat as she did a leg drop onto my lower body. I groaned in pain rolling over onto my back as she grabbed my arm putting me in an arm lock. I screamed in pain as she pulled at my arm as she stood me up still in the arm lock.

Just as she was coming back for more I reversed a blow to the head and pushed her away making her stagger a bit. With that I ran at her knocking her off her feet onto the mat we rolled around like we were in a cat fight with me blocking punches and kicking her off me. She got up before I could and then stood me up putting me in a Hurracanrana, which lead to be being pinned.

“One, two, three,” The referee counted. Skylar made the pinfall. She got up and jumped around as I got up.

“Here’s your new Women’s Champion, Skylar!” the announcer yelled and the crowd went wild with boos and cries of joy. Before Skylar slid out of the ring showing off the belt in her hands which she was given for beating me, we shook hands.

I turned to my faithful fans with a microphone which was given to me. “I’m sorry I failed you guys tonight, but this isn’t farewell. We’ll meet again.” I exited the ring and went behind the curtains.

“Good fight,” Skylar said as I walked down the hallway to the locker room to change.

“Yes, it was,” I said smiling up at her as she walked along side me in the same direction.

“You know I’m going to miss you,” Skylar said sadly as we went into the locker room and began to change.

“I’ll miss you too,” I said as I changed quickly into an Edge T-shirt and ripped up blue jeans.

“I wish you didn’t have too, but what Mr. Russell says goes,” Skylar said lacing up her converses.

“Yea, but what if this isn’t a bad thing?” I said lacing up my shoes too. “It could turn out to be great and anyway, Sky I’ve been here for a long time. It’s time I moved on. I just realized that last night when I was thinking about it. Just maybe this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! “

“Maybe,” Skylar said as she stood up. “Anyway it’s time to have a new champion around here.”

I smiled as I stood up from the bench in which I sat on to lace up my shoes. “Yes, hopefully the fans will learn to love you like I do.”

She giggled as she caught me in a tight friendly hug as tears blurred my vision. “I’m going to miss you so much, Sky! You have been the best friend I could ever have. Thanks, for being there for me in the most terrible times.” I said as she released me smiling.

“Bri, you are the best friend I could ever have too. Remember that always when you go to Smackdown,” Skylar said as we walked out of the locker room and then out to the parking lot.

“Hey, Brianna,” I heard from behind me. I turned to see Heather’s bruised face inches from mine. Skylar motioned me to not do anything I would regret. “Retiring already?”

“Yes, I am,” I said calmly. “What’s it too you?”

“Oh, it nothing to me seeing as you`re getting older,” Heather sneered at me.

“I’m only twenty six,” I said annoyed with her already. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind I have to get going.” I turned away from her walking to my black Chevelle.

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