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Until The End: Chapter 7                                         The Hatred of McCool

The big night had finally come for me and Adam and I was pumped up. I walked into the locker room and found the locker with my name on it. I opened it as a woman of about my age came walking in with a black bag slung over her shoulder. I only glanced at her for a nanosecond before taking off my “Taking Back Sunday” tee off and changing into a black long sleeved shirt and then pulled on some baggy black jeans.

“Hey,” said a voice from behind me. “I haven’t seen you around. Are you the new diva everybody has been talking about?”

“Yes, I am,” I replied turning to see the woman that had walked in just a few minutes before putting on some black combat boots.

“Cool, I’m Reena,” She said as I began to put on a red and black corset. “Do you need help with that?”

“Yes, that would be nice,” I smiled as she got up from lacing up her combat boots.

“There,” Reena said after tying the corset up tightly.

“Thanks, by the way I’m Brianna, but you can call me Bri,” I thanked her as I went to go seat down on a bench to lace up my own combat boots that were black and red.

“No problem, Bri,” She said as I laced up the last boot standing up.

“Do you want to talk awhile before we go fight our opponents for the tonight?” I asked.

“Nah,” Reena replied. “I have to meet up with my tag team partner.”

Before I could ask who it was she walked out the door down the hall. When I walked out the door to try and catch up with her she was already gone. I looked around and then scratched my head in wonderment as to where Reena had gone and why she walked out in such a hurry. Did she know something I didn’t?

I brushed the thought away for now and walked out the door to meet up with Adam. On my way down the hall I saw Michelle talking to a really short woman with black hair. They turned as I walked by and that’s when Michelle called out to me.

“What do you want?” I asked pausing from my walk. I didn’t turn to look at her as I heard her heels clicking on the floor from behind me.

“Tonight you’ll lose,” Michelle said as I balled my hands in fists, but still I didn’t turn.

“You’re wrong, Michelle,” I said through clenched teeth and started too walked off ignoring her calls for me to come back.

I found Adam at the curtains waiting for me with Matt and the infamous Rainbow Haired Warrior, Jeff Hardy. I swallowed hard as Jeff turned to look at me with his piercing green glaze. I felt my heart skip a beat as I walked up to Adam.

“Hey,” Adam said, “Where have you been? We’re about to go out. The other tag team is already out there.”

“Sorry I got stopped by my archenemy Michelle McCool. I’m here and I haven’t even fought, yet and she hates me,” I said as I stretched getting ready for the fight.

“Well, she’s just jealous that you’re hotter and a better diva than her,” Adam said smiling at me. I blushed and looked away from him. He’s flirting again I thought as Matt began to speak.

“I’m surprised she didn’t faint already,” Matt said smirking as she looked over at Jeff. I blushed a bright shade of red as I death glared him.

“Why would she?” Jeff asked confused.

“Best of you,” Matt replied smirking at me.

“You- I was cut off by Adam who pulled me by the arm out of the curtains leaving Jeff and Matt behind them.

“Here they are! The R Rated Superstar Edge and the newest diva of the WWE, Death Angel!” the announcer exclaimed from inside the ring where I saw a familiar form standing beside CM Punk in the ring.

“I heard these two are in a relationship,” I heard one of the announcers named Matt say from the announcers table.

Adam looked over at me and without warning kissing me full on the mouth as fireworks were heard going off. He pulled away smirking down at me as I smirk up at him taking his hand as we walked down the ramp toward the ring where I saw that the familiar form was Reena. She stood waiting with CM Punk’s arm around her waist. The first thought that came to my mind was how a pretty woman like her could love someone as ignorant as him. I brushed that thought away thinking maybe it was meant to be.

We slid into the ring and I walked up to both of them putting a hand out. Reena took it shaking it I think somewhere deep inside of her she knew I wouldn’t do anything to her mean like my storyline boyfriend would. CM Punk didn’t buy it and just looked at my hand.

“Good luck,” I murmured before going back to my side of the ring with Adam.

The bell rang and Adam ran toward CM Punk spearing him in the guts. CM Punk retaliated by countering blow to the head as he got up from being speared and punched Adam in the face. After that the momentum grew intense and still neither I nor Reena were tagged in, yet.

“Come on, Adam! You can do it!” I exclaimed as I put my hand out for him to tag after he hopefully got up from a headlock that CM Punk had him in. Lucky he did and pushed CM Punk away from him springing toward me with a hand out.

I was tagged in and excited to fight!

After CM Punk tagged in Reena we went at it with me kicking her in the lower body making her stumble back a bit as I threw her into a turnbuckle which connected with her back. I ran at her then put her in a suplex to the ring floor from the top of the turnbuckle.

She got up as I did and elbow dropped me in the lower body. Damn, I thought as pain coursed through my lower body. I winced in pain as she came down with a combat boot to my leg as she was coming in for another stomp to my leg I rolled out of the way making her miss and I sprung up.

Just as she was about to run at me I heard Michelle McCool’s theme song blurring around the arena. Reena stopped as we both turned to see Michelle coming out with the short woman at her side. Michelle had in her right hand a chair and before I could piece together what was going to happen Michelle ran into the ring hitting me in the head with the chair. It was a big blur of colors after that.

I awoke with a blasting headache and started to sit up. Someone’s pushing me back into a soft pillow underneath my head. My vision was coming back slowly as I looked up to see double of a concerned Mathew Moore Hardy.

“What happened? Where am?” I asked as I put a hand to my aching head. “I feel like a mat truck hit me.”

“McCool hit you in the head with a steel chair,” Matt sighed as I heard a door open and in walked Reena still in her ring attire. “If it hadn’t been for Reena here you would’ve been hurt worst and you’re in the hospital.”

“You should’ve seen the way she hit McCool in the head with the steel chair! Then she did the same to Layla!” exclaimed Jeff who I hadn’t noticed before now, who was sitting in a chair across the room beside Adam.

“Wow, you mean McCool’s sidekick?” I said in awe looking over at Reena smiling. “Thanks, Reena for the help.”

“Yes, and no problem,” Reena said as she sat down in a chair.

“How long do I have to stay?” I asked. I was hoping it wasn’t long.

“You can go now,” Matt said. “The doctor told me that you should be okay to fight again. It’s just a bump nothing big.”

“Yes!” I exclaimed getting up and then danced in the middle of the room happy I didn’t have to stay another hour in the hospital. They seriously made me nervous!

The whole room of people looked at me like I was on something. I stopped dancing looking at them with a confused look on my face. They shook their heads at me.

“Your one random woman you know that?” said Jeff smiling and laughing at me. I blushed giggling.

“Didn’t your brother tell you this?” I asked smiling.

“Nope, but he did say something about you wanting to meet me so badly. Something about a huge crush or something,” Jeff replied smirking as I death glared his older brother from across the hospital bed at that I dove at him attempting to put him in a headlock.

He got up moving away laughing as I lay half on and off of the hospital bed with my head and legs hanging off on my belly. I attempted to get up from the uncomfortable position as Matt came over slinging me over his shoulder like a stack of potatoes. I banged on in back for him to let go.

“Let me down, Matt!” I exclaimed still beating his back with my fists. “This isn’t funny!”

“I think it’s quite amusing,” Jeff yelled laughing. I looked up at him sticking my tongue out at him.

“Jeff Hardy you’re a meanie!” I exclaimed at him.

“I know,” Jeff said smirking at me. “But you love it don’t you, Brianna?”

“Maybe I do!” I exclaimed.

“You two stop flirting and let’s all go!” Matt said as he began to walk out the door with me still slung over his shoulder.

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