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Until The End: Chapter 8                                                   The Agreement

The next day I was informed by Vince that I would be in a singles match one on one with my archenemy, McCool. I happy that I would finally get my revenge for what she had done to me the other night. I hope she knew I was coming for her and maybe if her sidekick gets into the fight I'll beat her ass into the ground to just like I was determined to do to McCool too.

McCool doesn't stand a chance I thought as we walked out of Vince's hotel room for the second time. I smirked at the thought I McCool laying on the floor broken, bleeding, and bruised with me standing over her. Hopefully this ass-beating will teach her not to mess with Death Angel anymore.

"You're going to kick McCool's ass aren't you, Brianna?" Adam asked as we walked toward the gym where we were going until Vince called us up to her hotel room.

"How did you know what I was thinking of doing?" I asked as we walked into the gym.

"The smirk on your lips gives it away," Matt laughed as he walked over to his brother Jeff, who happened to be in the gym.

"Well, I am going to kick her blond slutty ass to the curve!" I exclaimed smirking at both men. "Won't know what hit her when I make the three count Friday night in Long Beach,California."

"What she going one about kicking someone's ass?" Jeff asked.

"I'm going to get my revenge against McCool next Friday!" I exclaimed smirking yet again. "I can't wait to stomp her face into the ground."

"Violent aren't we?" Jeff said as I got a weight and began to lift it.

"Violent is my middle name," I said smirking up at him as I brought up the weight.

"I wouldn't want to get on your bad side then," Jeff laughed as Reena and CM Punk came into the gym.

"Hey, Bri," Reena said as they walked up to us.

"Hey, Reena, guess what!" I exclaimed as I put down the weight.

"What?" She asked.

"Next Friday I'm gonna get my revenge against McCool in a singles match!" I exclaimed.

"I'm pretty sure you're going to kick her ass," Reena laughed.

"I will and I was wondering if McCool tries anything that night, that you could be there to hopefully stop her?" I asked her. I really did need some backup encase, because I knew how sneaky McCool was. Her sidekick I didn't know, but if so then I would definitely needed Reena's help.

"Okay, I'll help," Reena confirmed that she would help me out. I sighed in relief.

"Awesome," I said smiling. "McCool won't know what hit her ugly face it she tries anything with me. Maybe this will teach her a lesson."

"I'll make sure Layla doesn't even manage to get one foot into the ring to you," Reena said as I smiled think of McCool's surprised face at when Reena comes out and kicks her sidekicks ass.

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