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Until The End: Chapter 9                                             Turning The Tables

“Come on, Bri,” Reena urged me as I was putting the last of my clothes in my suitcase. “We got to go! We’ll miss the plane ride! I don’t want to be late!”

I had gotten up a little late this morning, which happened to be the day we were leaving for Long Beach, California. Reena wanted me to change places with Phil, because she wanted us to hang for the night, so Phil had to share a room with Adam. I wondered how that went over.

“I’m packing as fast as I can!” I replied zipping up my suitcase. I picked it up along with my purse and a backpack that was beside it on the bed.

When I was finally done we walked out the hotel door to the rental car where Adam and Phil were waiting. They wanted to ride with us to the airport. We got into the back after piling our suitcases into the tuck.

“Took you two long enough,” Phil said from the passenger seat.

“Shut up, Caveman,” I said laughing. Reena hit me in the shoulder, but I kept laughing my head off. Phil just shook his head at me as Adam pulled off toward the airport.

“She’s right,” Adam agreed laughing. “You do sort of look like a caveman with that beard.”

“Well, you’ve got a lot of room to talk, Adam,” Reena began. “You had a beard at one time and you did I recall it look like a caveman.”

“She’s got a point,” I agreed laughing as I remembered the time he had a beard. Adam just glared at me from the rear view mirror.

We made it to the airport just in time and boarded it for a long flight ahead. I sat down beside Jeff Hardy, who was on the same flight and we both started talking to one another. He was a very interesting guy once I got to know him better. I found out a lot about him I didn’t know like his favorite band is “Pearl Jam”. He told me Matt brought home one of their albums and soon he was into the band. At first he told me he thought that they were weird, but once he got to listening to the song “Black” he thought that the song lyrics were interesting. He also told me that he loved to ride motorbikes and told me he was actually really good at riding them and winning races. I thought no wonder he’s daring? I would probably be too scared to do anything that he does on a motorbike.

“So I’ve heard that you have a big dream to become the Women’s Champion,” Jeff said.

“Yes, I do,” I replied thinking of how he knew.

“Why?” He asked.

“Well, my mother believe it or not was a diva in Smackdown and she wanted the belt,” I started. I had never really told anyone why I want it some much. “Well, she never got it.”
“Why didn’t she?” He asked as I looked down at my hands.

“She died while wrestling,” I said softly as tears began to stream down my eyes. “I just want this. I want to do this for her.” Jeff noticed the tears streaming down my face and put a comforting hand on my back. He didn’t ask anymore question about that topic anymore.

Finally, after hours of flight we got off the plane. I and Jeff got into the same rental car along with Matt and Adam and Reena and Phil got into another. We pulled off out of the airport parking lot with Reena and Phil following us toward the hotel we would all be staying at for the time being.

Five Days Later

The time had come for me to kick some ass I thought as I looked out the curtains as McCool made her way down the ramp showing off for her fans, if she had any I thought smirking. She’s such a bitch I can’t see how anyone could like her she doesn’t have a great personality.

When she was in the ring it was my time and my theme song “Until the End by Breaking Benjamin” began to play loudly around the arena. I came out from behind the curtains at a run. The crowd cheered with excitement as I twirled about down the ramp with fireworks going off from behind me. I was ready to kick some ass I thought as I slid into the ring throwing kisses to the crowd.

When I faced McCool I smirked mischievously at her and she knew I meant business. I was determined to make her see I wasn’t going to take her any of her shit anymore like every other diva here probably did. I’m not the woman to mess with when it came to being pushed about.

The bell rang signaling the match had begun and she ran at me ready to grab me, but I countered it coming up behind her tripping her. She fell on her back on the mat as I pulled her up by the throat smirking. Her feet lifted up off of the ground as I got into position to choke slam her. She came down in a sickening impact on her back.

I pulled her up by her arm, but she countered it putting me in a bull dog to the mat. I grimaced at the impact as the fight went on with me and McCool getting into a catfight in the middle of the ring with me dodging her hits. She pushed me off of her as I rolled out of the way of an oncoming attack by her when she stood up.

I stood up as she ran at me and I smirked as my booted foot came in contact with her face. She isn’t going to be so pretty after this fight I thought. I would embarrass her as much as possible in front of her fans and the whole world watching Smackdown tonight. She scrambled to get up to her feet as I ran at her spearing her making her fly into the turnbuckle hard.

She grimaced as she struggled to get up as I pulled her into the middle of the ring by her legs to put her in a deadly headlock. She gasped in as I increased the pained and a wicked smirk grace upon my lips. She clawed at my arms and wiggled around trying to break free from the submission. No availed.

When I thought I had her about to tap out her sidekick’s music blurred through the arena. She came running down the ramp as an angry Reena came zooming down the ramp behind her spearing her to the ground in a painful impact into the barricade. McCool’s plan had failed I thought as I released her from the headlock onto the mat gasping for breath.
I took this opportunity to let her get up I then put her in my one of my finishers called the Deathly Backdrop Facebuster, which is was my vision John Morrison’s Belly to Back Wheelbarrow Facebuster. She came crashing down face made contact with the mat and with that I tried to make a pinfall.

“One, two, three!” The referee screamed as his head came down for a three count. I smirked as I stood up looking down on her curled up in pain form on the floor.

“Give me a fucking microphone!” I exclaimed at the referee. He went to go get me one and gave it to me.

“McCool, I’m not taking any crap from you or your sidekick anymore,” I started looking down at her as she crawled toward her sidekick, Layla, who was lying outside the ring with Reena standing over her with a wicked grin on her face. “You thought you had me in the middle of the fight with your sidekick came out, but I was one step ahead of you, McCool. I don’t take too much of a liking to people like you.” I paused then went on. “You know I’m not done with you or your sidekick so let us do something, me and Reena versus You and Layla next week.”

With that I put the microphone down and joined Reena outside the ring with Benjamin Burnley’s voice singing out around the arena. I smiled at the victory I had won as Reena high fived me as we walk out behind the curtains.