By ZackRyderLover

Maria’s POV:


‘Like a brand new trend,

You'll be my new girlfriend

I'll make you back before your brothers even know you left

And every song I sing

Will be your favorite thing

I wrote this one for you

Why aren't you singing?’


Jeff Hardy’s first words to me were the lyrics to a song. He didn’t even know me, and here he was flirting. Silly boy, he didn’t know what he was getting into.


‘We'll get in my new car

I'll be a movie star

And I'll
break your heart

Then you fall apart

But I don't care at all

Who you really are

And when we're done you get the fuck out of my car’


Everywhere we went, he was a movie star, girls always coming up to him, and complaining how he never called him. So he was a heartbreak, aren’t all men, I wasn’t impressed.


‘I never told you to

I never think about you

I never holded you

I forget how to

I never cared about you

I never saw that in you

I never loved you’

I almost fell for him,
even though I was a redhead, I had a blonde moment. I thought he cared. But then I realized he didn’t. How stupid of me right? I was just a tool to be used.


‘Baby got your gun out

And now we're dug out

And now we'll run out

And then I'll get down



C'mon x4


Baby, you're in love now

And now we're dug out

And then I'll run out

And then I'll get down’


He drives me crazy. I want to kill him, but that would do me no good. He’s so cocky,
it a turn on and a turn off at the same time.


‘I'd stop it if I could

But I don't think I would

I had no idea

I could look so good

And something's telling me


Hang on, ‘cause I'm a time bomb baby


And we will make it through

If you want to

I'll get a new tattoo

That says ‘I love you'’



He says he
loves me, I don’t believe him, and I’ve been down this path so I know better. I am now too smart, He the variable in this equation, always changing. Some times, he’s high, some times he not.


Sometimes, he is a guy I can fall in love with, and other times, the one I hate. He is a drug addict at points, but a lot of the time, he is a tortured artist. I hate to say I love him, because if I do, he might not truly feel the same. I am simply a tool, a paintbrush so to speak, in the world of him.


In the world of Jeffery Nero Hardy, Maria K. stands no chance. -