Alice Emerson has been with her long term boyfriend for two years. He's abusive and angry when he gets drunk. The only person he takes his anger out on his Alice, who happens to live with him. When he abuses her he always apologizes and Alice being afraid accepts his apologies. What happens when Alice walks into the life of a famous wrestler Matt Hardy and he finds out about the abuse? What will Matt do about it?
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The Last Night : Chapter 1                            By Hillary                                   Abuse and Apologies

It was happening again. My abusive boyfriend was drunk and angry. The only person he could take his anger out on happened to be me every time. I braced myself as he walked into the living room banging shut the front door. I seat on the couch hoping he wouldn’t notice me, but to my luck he did.

“Alice,” He began slurring his words a bit. “I come home and you’re doing nothing, but sitting on your ass watching television, what have I told you about that?!”

“Ryan, I- I began, but was cut off by Ryan walking over to the couch and pulling me up by the hair. I clawed at his arms in desperation to get him to let go.

“I don’t need your stupid accuses, Alice,” He exclaimed pulling me up to his face with a tight jerk of a hand pulling my hair again in the process. My eyes were watering up as his grip on my hair tightened even more.

“Let me go, Ryan!” I screamed thrashing about only making the ordeal worst than it already was. “You’re drunk and angry! You don't mean those things you say!"

“Yes, I do mean the things I say!” He screamed in my ear angrily. I could smell boozes on his breath as he breathed in my ear.

Sometimes I don’t know why I even put up with Ryan. I guess it was, because I thought I couldn’t find anyone better than him and he knew it. Ryan held that against me whenever we got into an argument or if I attempt to break up with him. I have been with Ryan for two years now and I never thought Ryan, my high school crush would be so abusive. I always thought he was the nice guy that would never hurt you, but I was terribly mistaken.

After seven months of dating he started drinking and staying out late at night. He would never let me go with him, but on some occasions he would. Things got worse when he thought I was talking to someone else. He always thought I was cheating on him, but I wasn’t. If there was anyone cheating it had to be him. All I did was stay home clean and cook while he went out with his buddies to party. I felt like Cinderella minus the two step sisters and step mother. I dreamed of escaping this living nightmare every day, but every time I tried I got scared.

“Listen to me woman when I’m talking to you!” He exclaimed. I hadn’t noticed it, but I had zoned out completely on him.

“I don’t have to listen to you!” I screamed trying to be fearless, but I failed.

“What was that?!” Ryan exclaimed letting go off my hair and making me fall to the living room floor on my knees in tears. “You will listen to me, Alice whether you like it or not!”

I said nothing as he jerked me up by my forearm to my feet. I looked down at the floor not making eye contact with him. I quaked with fear knowing that he was up to no good. He increased his grip on my arm and I was sure that he would leave some marks on my arm.

“Listen here, you’re in my house and what I say goes, so don’t defy me,” He started pulling me choose to him. “You know how I get when someone defies me, do we now?”

“Yes,” I said back in a shaken up voice. With that he let go of my arm sneering at me.

He began to walk away toward the bedroom we shared. I sighed in relief, because he didn’t do anything more to me to hurt me, but when I was about to turn off the television he paused at the doorway of our bedroom. He turned back to look at me then came at me.

I had no time to move as he backed me up against a wall. I was cornered and I had no way getting out of this. I quaked with fear as his hand came up to my neck. I closed my eyes bracing myself for the worse, but nothing came.

I opened my eyes just in time for his hands to come away from my neck and his lips to crash into mine. I was too stunned to kiss back, so I just stood with my hands at my sides. He pulled away looking at me and for only a minute I felt that love for him. The love when he wasn’t drunk or angry.

“I’m sorry, Alice,” He murmured and then took me by the hand to the bedroom.

“Its fine, baby,” I said smiling up at him wearily. I didn’t know why I said it, but I did.