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Living For The Moment: Chapter 3                                                                                   The Kiss

That Monday night I was to be on Raw, and that would be where in the storyline I would reveal that I was John Morrison’s girlfriend, and I also had a match with the Miz. I was hoping Vince wouldn’t make me do anything like kiss John, but when I read the script he had sent to me I wanted to shot myself. My fears were confirmed in the script that I would be kissing John in a interview. I didn’t want to do it, but I knew if I didn’t then Vince would fire my ass. So as I walked into the diva’s locker room I changed slowly into my wrestling attire, which was a black long sleeved shirt, a purple and black corset, some shredded up black skinny jeans underneath were some purple fishnets, a leather jacket, and black wrestling boots.
Walking out of the room, and down the hallway I didn’t look up as I was walking toward where the interview would be, and I knocked into someone. That someone happened to be John. Looking up my blue eyes met his and my face went hot. Was I blushing?

“We just keep knocking into each other don’t we, Serenity?” He inquired smiling down at me. I came up to his perfectly toned chest. Was I think just thinking these things I asked myself.

“Maybe if you would look where you’re going, Morrison we wouldn’t be knocking into each other,” I seethed. I was already pissed off at Vince for making me do this stupid storyline. What better person to take my anger out on than John.

“Hostel aren’t we?” He asked smirking.

“Look John, I’m pissed off already that I have to be in a storyline with you, and I’m also pissed off that I have to kiss you today,” I said angrily through gritted teeth. “I wouldn’t mess with me. I can be very dangerous when I’m pissed off. If you want your family jewels I recommend you back away from me.”

“I like my girls feisty like you,” He smirked coming too close for comfort. I closed my eyes, and brushed past him into the interview area and he followed behind me.

When everything was sat up it was time to shoot the interview, and I was dreading this ever since I walked into the interview area. John seemed to happy for his own good. Why was he so happy? I thought as we the interview started.

“Serenity, I heard you have a mystery boyfriend,” said Todd who stood in front of me. “Can you give me a clue as to who it is?” Just then as planned John came into the scene and proceeded to put his arms around me from behind.

“So this is the mystery boyfriend?” asked the confused Todd through the microphone.

“What’s it to you?” I asked glaring at him as John turned me around, and caught me in a lip locker of a kiss. I was stunned at the passion behind it that I caught myself actually kissing back, but then all too soon be pulled away smirking down at me.

“Damn,” I murmured under my breath.

“There you have it,” said Todd into the camera. “Serenity James and John Morrison are together.”

We pulled away after the cameras were turned off and I looked up at him face as my face was going warm. Feeling his dark eyes on me I looked down at the ground. Why was I even blushing? I didn’t like John like that. Then again I didn’t like him at all. We stood there for what seemed like forever until I was called to get up up to the curtains, because it was about time for me to go out for my match.

“Bye, John,” I said walking off toward the curtains.

By the time I got there it was time for me to go out. I smirked at the thought of me beating the shit out of the Miz. I would wipe that grin off his big fat mouth, and make sure he never pick a fight with me. Yes, the Miz wanted this match, because he thought it would be easy to beat me. What he didn’t know was I wasn’t like any other diva in WWE. I could do things divas couldn’t. I would prove to that bitch that girls can fight guys too.
I walked out from behind the curtains as soon as my theme song “Heights by Eyes Set to Kill” began to play. Fireworks went off as I ran down the ramp running into the ring. I slid in smiling sweetly at the Miz. He smirked back at me, so I speared him.
The bell rang as I proceeded in stomping his torso. He rolled out of the way as another as my foot came down. Pulling him up by his arm roughly I Irish Whipped him into a turnbuckle. He went flying into it hard. Smirking I ran at him drop kicking him in the face. He fell face first onto the mat.
I then proceeded to pull him into the middle of the ring putting him in a Boston Crab. He screamed out in pain as I increase the pain. Reversing it on me he pull me up by the arm throwing me into a turnbuckle. I grimaced in pain as I caught sight of the Miz bolting at me just in time for me to move out of the way. He went charging straight into the turnbuckle.
I struggled to get up as so did he. We both got up at the same time, and he tried to put me in a sit-out shoulder jawbreaker, which I reversed on him with a swift movement. Mounting him I began to punch him in the face numerous times while the referee tried to make me stop. Finally after the fifth punch in the face I jerked him up by the arm putting him in arm bar.
Then I threw him into the ropes, which he ricocheted off of coming back at me just in time for my fist to make contact with his ugly pinched up face. Propping the Miz up I began to punch him in the head, and then let go of him letting him fall to the mat floor. Banging his head on the ring floor I smirked. I hoped this would show him not to pick a fight with me anymore.
I pulled the Miz up by the arm once again throwing him into the ropes again, and this time the Miz reversed my hip toss. Falling to the mat floor I grimaced in pain. He proceeded to pull me up by the hair, which the referee told him not to pull. Watering eyes I screamed as he pull me up to my feet.

“Stop you bastard!” I screamed in pain.

He released my hair after the second warning from the referee then through me into the ropes, and I came bouncing back into his springboard bulldog. Taking this opportunity he tried to pin me. At two I kicked out and he proceed to put me in a suplex. I grimaced in pain as I hit the mat.

“Bitch,” I seethed as I struggled to get up.

At that moment he was running at me, so I sidestepped his attack. He look surprised at this as I took hold of the top of his head putting him in a sit-out rear mat slam. I took this grand moment to make a pin-fall.

“One, two, three!” screamed the referee. He held up my hand signaling I had won the match.

“And here’s your winner, Serenity James!” screamed the announcer.

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