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Friend Or Foe: Chapter 2                                             Random Accidents

I was waiting in the gorilla position watching Hurricane's match excitedly. He was scheduled to win and get another title shot! Shelton was to preoccupied with being all uppity about being entered in the rumble so it was easy for Shane. He won, as planned. Yeah, it was staged. Anyways, Shane walked backstage slapping some of the fans' hands on the way.

When he got back here I jumped on his back, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Great match!” I complimented. “Why thank you Vio,” he said chuckling. “Hey Violet! Our tag match is next!”Ash called excitedly. “Cool! I'll be there in a sec!” I replied. Shane locked his arms under my knees and spun around. “Hey! Stop it! I have a match in like, two minutes!” I laughed happily. “Okay, okay,” he allowed and knelt down. I hopped off his back. “Well, that was fun,” I sighed looking up at him. He smiled back down at me.

“Good luck out there,” he wished me. I nodded in thanks then bit my lip nervously as I heard Michelle's music hit and watched her walk out onto the ramp. “Hey,” Gregory said softly cupping my chin with the side of his hand and tilting it up toward him. “You'll kick her ass, no doubt,” he said smiling and raising his eyebrows. I smiled up at him and nodded, “thanks Shane,” I said softly. He dropped his hand and gave me a quick hug, wished me luck again, then left to take a shower.

I turned around just as Ashley approached me. “Come on! My return is soon!” she squealed excitedly. “I know Ash! I'm so happy!” I squeaked back. A few seconds later I turned back to Ashley. “I'll see you out there. Make you entrance BIG!!!” I said with a wide smiled. She nodded quickly then my theme song started, Pressure by Paramore, and I headed out.

I ran out in front of the crowd and they cheered loudly. I did my usual entrance then bounced over to the ring. I got in and Charles looked at me expectantly. I bit my lip and he looked at me confused. “I don't have a tag partner, Maria's out,” I said sadly. Charles was walking over to Joey to tell him to call a forfeit when I yelled to stop him.

I pointed to the stage. Just then Ashley's theme hit and the crowd went wild!!! I jumped up and down in excitement. Ashley did her usual entrance but spent extra times interacting with the fans. Finally she made it to the ring. Michelle was staring at Ashley in disbelief while Victoria just nodded. I smirked at Michelle. Ashley jumped into the ring and hugged me. “Ash, I want in first.” I told her. I looked behind my back and saw Michelle pacing back and forth in her corner.

“I want Michelle,” I growled. Ashley suddenly turned serious and she nodded. “You got it Melody,” she said, using my ring name. She nodded briskly then I patted her shoulder then broke out little huddle. I spun around to face Michelle. “You ready Violet?” she asked angrily. “More ready than you think,” I replied testily. Michelle nodded and then we lunged. I dodged her blow and kneed her in the stomach. I Irish-whipped her into the corner and ran at her hoping up onto the second rope and punching her in the face a few times. Charles pulled me off and I broke the five count.

I took a few steps back and waited for Charles to move out of the way before I ran forward, spearing her into the turnbuckle. She cried out in pain and I smirked. I grabbed her hand wrenching it around and then drug her over to my corner. I smiled at Ashley and she nodded. I tagged her in and let her have a go at Michelle. Sadly Michelle soon gained the upper hand and a near win. Thankfully Ash kicked out. She got a good shot in on Michelle from her laying down position and they both crawled toward their separate corners. Michelle got the tag mere seconds before Ashley then I was beating the crap out of Victoria.

Victoria got beaten down and then all hell broke loose. I tagged Ashley in quickly and Ashley went for the pin and Michelle went to break it up but instead I ran in and clotheslined Michelle. I turned around just in time to see Charles slap his hand down on the map for the third time. I threw my hands up in the air in Ash's hand sign in victory. I ran over to Ashley and hugged her. We celebrated and I rose her hand in triumph. “We are awesome!” I whispered to her as we hugged again.

We left the ring a few minutes later and headed backstage before I could see Michelle beat Victoria up. Once there Shane approached me. “Good job ladies!” he congratulated with a smile. “Thank you Hurricane,” I said sarcastically. I always used his ring name when backstage cause you never know when the camera's are on. And sure, everybody knows his real name but still, you gotta keep up the act. He smiled at me then nodded his head to the right slightly. I glanced over for a split-nanosecond and saw the camera on us.

I turned to Ashley who was still beaming brightly. “Ash, you were amazing, per usual!” I said happily. She nodded and brushed away one of her joyous tears, “thank you Violet. Gosh, I'm not supposed to cry,” she said sniffling. I smiled and hugged her. Shane smirked, “what, no hugs for me,” he joked. “Aww, Hurricane feels left out,” Ash said in a little kid voice. I smiled. “Share the love,” he kidded. “Fine I will,” I said smiling and I separated from Ash and hugged him. He hugged me back then we separated. And the camera was shut off.

The camera guy nodded to me and the three of us nodded back. “So, we going partying tonight?” I asked excitedly raising my eyebrows in question. “Definitely!” Shane responded instantly. “I think Jeff needs to party some more after that hit and run accident,” he sighed quietly. I sighed and nodded in agreement. “Yeah, did the police ever figure out who it was?” I asked. “No, they don't have any good leads or clues. It was probably some random dude,” Shane replied rolling his eyes. I bit my lip trying to hold back my sarcastic remark; but I couldn't. “Yeah, and the person who attacked him before Survivor Series was a random dude too,” I growled.

Shane met my eyes. “Yeah, I know how you feel,” he replied sighing. “Hey,” I bumped his shoulder with mine, “he'll be fine. We're not gonna let anyone else beat the crap out of him again.” He smiled at my reassuring promise. “Thanks,” he whispered wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “So,” he's gonna be on the Cutting Edge later tonight?” I asked. He nodded, “yeah, I'm kinda worried. I have a bad feeling.” I frowned, “yeah, me too.” I didn't want to admit it, but yeah, I did. There have just been way too many freak accidents with Jeff recently.

I bit my lip and my frown deepened. “Who do you think it is?” Shane asked. I shrugged, “I don't really know. But I think Jeff and Matt might be wrong. I don't think it's Adam. I don't know why I think he's innocent, but I just do,” I explained. Shane nodded, “I feel exactly the same way. I don't think it's Adam either. It's someone else, I don't know who,” he sighed running a hand through his long hair. We both sighed in unison.

“Why don't you go take a shower and change so we can all be here during the Cutting Edge,” Shane suggested. I nodded in agreement, “okay, I'll be back in twenty minutes.” Shane nodded and I turned to Ash. “You mind if I steal the showers first?” I asked. “Not at all,” she replied smiling. I nodded then headed off to the locker room the two of us face divas shared.

I hopped in the shower quickly and let the warm water calm my jittery nerves. What am I so nervous about?Is it Maria's date? Or Jeff being on the Cutting Edge? Or Michelle McCool taking someone else out?I have no idea... I need a freaking break! Yeah, a break, something I wasn't going to get. Vickie isn't too fond of me. I have no idea why, she just isn't, maybe it's because I helped Triple H out lat week when he made fun of her. Yeah, well then MVP had to be in a last man standing match against the Big Show after that. I shrugged to myself as I stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my body. I walked out of the bathroom and over to my bag I pulled out a set of my normal clothes and changed into them. I was just wearing a simple purple camisole top and tight dark jeans.

I grabbed my 'Islands' Hoodie off the arm of the couch, shrugged it on, and left the locker room grabbing my cell and slipping it into my back pocket. I checked the time on my watch, yes I wore a watch. Don't laugh at me. I still had a good ten, fifteen minutes maybe until the Cutting Edge. My bad feeling just got worse and worse with each minute that passed. A feeling of dread filled the pit of my stomach. Something bad was gonna go down during the Cutting Edge. Not to mention the Cutting Edge can't be that long there was only fifteen minutes left until eleven. SmackDown rarely went past it's designated time, due to the news that came on after pretty much anywhere in the US.

I arrived at the gorilla position and instantly spotted my friends. I walked over, “what up?” I asked smiling. “Nothing really Vio,” Matt said smiling at me as he joined us. Where the hell was he? Who cares?... I quirked an eyebrow and turned to Jeff, “so what are you and Adam gonna talk about out there?” I asked him. He shrugged, “I really don't know.” He sounded frustrated I smiled reassuringly. But my bad feeling just got a lot worse. “Just don't hurt yourself okay,” I said sounding slightly concerned. I caught Shane's eye and he looked worried too. R-Truth and Jimmy Wang Yang joined us and I continued chatting with my buddies for the next ten minutes. “Okay, five minutes left until the show is over and Edge just started talking, like, two minutes ago,” I pointed out. I glanced worriedly at Jeff, “looks like you won't be talking very long,” I sighed.

Jeff nodded and then a stage hand told him it was time for him to enter. I turned the screen. Edge was talking about Jeff and then he welcomed Jeff to come out to the ring. Jeff went out glancing back at us briefly. “I can't watch,” I muttered. Matt nodded in agreement along with R-Truth and the two guys turned away but Jimmy and Shane kept watching. And then, just as I turned back around, it happened. The pyrotechnics, they blasted right in Jeff's face. Oh. Shit.

“No,” I whispered as I watched Jeff fall down onto the metal stage as the fireworks died down. Jimmy, wide-eyed, ran out first. “Crap!” Shane muttered. I grabbed his hand as he ran toward the ramp entrance. We both raced out there after Jimmy and were at Jeff's side in seconds. Matt was out with us less than ten seconds later along with paramedics then R-Truth was crowding around the EMTs as they got Jeff on the stretcher. The stretcher... Shane grabbed my shoulders and held me back from the stretcher and Jimmy waited beside us as Matt and R-Truth walked backstage right behind the stretcher.

We followed it backstage slowly, me crying soundlessly against Shane's shoulder. That was not just a random pyrotechnics accident... I thought accusingly.

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