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Stories From My Imagination with WWE                                Chapter 3: Shawn The Superhero!

"HEY!HEY! HEY! PEOPLES? WHAT'S UP?" said Chavo exiting the building and into the outdoors.


"Fine be that way!" said Chavo.

While Chavo was off into his own world, he wasn't paying attention, he accidently bumped into Jericho.

"Oops. Sorry," apologized Chavo.

"It's O.K. But don't do that again next time JUNIOR!!!!!!!!" threatened Jericho.

"Meep," squeaked the helpless Chavo.

"Daa Taa Daa Daa!" shouted Shawn Michaels from the top of the building. From down below, people were staring at the man at the top of the building with a cape and an underwear
mounted on top of his head.

"I'll help you Chavo!" said Shawn.

So Shawn tried to jump off the building thinking that he could fly or float down into the parking lot. But unfortunatly, Shawn can't fly and just fell down into a bush.

"Ponies are in the pie mommy," sputerred the dizzy Shawn but collapsed back into the bush after a few seconds of moving back and forth repeatedly.

"Wow," muttered Jericho under his breath.

"Yeah my savior right?" Chavo said sarcastically.

"Exactly. Well I'm gonna go to McDonalds,"

"Baa Daa Buh Buh Buh,"

"I'm lovin it!" shouted John Cena out of nowhere.

"JEFFERY NERO HARDY WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!??????" shouted an aggrivated Matt Hardy running out of the building in a tutu and a big red clown nose.

"Hahahaha!!! You'll never catch me alive coppers!!!" screamed Jeff with a paintball gun in his hands and chased by cops.

"No Jeff!!!!" schreeched Matt trying to catch up with the others.

"God, why am I surrounded by assclowns? Why?" said Chris Jericho to no one in particular.

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