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Until The End: Chapter 3                                                   Painful Memory

After the long month of retiring from wrestling it was time to get back to the thing I most loved, but it would be at Smackdown. I was ecstatic and sadden at the fact of going. I would barely see Skylar anymore and I was depressed as the month began to go by and I finally realized that I was going to be gone from my hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina. I wasn’t sure I would like frequently moving from one state after state, because unlike Smackdown where I used to wrestle didn’t move around much at all. In the end I convinced myself that I should just get used to it.

“Hey, Dad,” I said into the phone. I had to break him the big news, because I hadn’t. I just told him that I was retiring for a whole month and that I would go back when it was time or when I got a contract, which I already had, but hadn’t signed, yet.

“Hey, honey,” he said into the other end.

“Dad, I have to tell you something,” I said seriously.

“What is it Brianna?” He asked.

“Well, Dad do you remember when I told you that I was on a one month retirement from wrestling?” I asked him as my cat Sam came up and began to rub it’s body on my legs. It tinkled and I smiled looking down at the white fur ball at my feet, which looked up at me with light green eyes.

“Yes,” He said slowly.

“Well, I wasn’t completely sure how you would take this, so I didn’t tell you that I retired from where I used to wrestle all the time. I got moved daddy,” I confessed closing my eyes hoping he wouldn’t be mad at me for not telling him sooner.

“Moved to where, honey?” He asked. He didn’t seem angry that I kept it a secret from him at all. I smiled at this as a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders.

“You’ll never believe me if I told you, but I got moved to Smackdown, daddy!” I exclaimed into the phone jumping up and down.

“Kiddo, I can’t believe it,” my dad said hint of a smile in his voice. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I didn’t know how you would take it,” I confessed.

“Is this about your mother? Why you didn’t tell me?” He asked sternly. I looked down at the floor as a tear slid down my eye.

“Yes,” I replied sadly. “Dad, I thought you would not permit me to go. I would feel bad.”

“Brianna,” he began sternly. “If you wanted to go in the first place, I couldn’t have done anything your boss has the say so in it not me.”

“I know, but. . . “I trailed off gripping the phone with my right hand tightly.

“Look, you are doing what you think is best, honey and not me or anyone could change your mind about it. Brianna I know you want this. Ever since you were a child you have that undying dream of being in WWE and now here is your opportunity. Seize it, honey, because you never know if this will be your last chance to do it.”

“Dad, I. . .” I trailed off tears in my eyes.

“Honey, do what you think is best. I believe in you,” He said.

“Thanks,” was all I could say to that.

My dad had always hated that I wanted to go into wrestling, because of my mother’s death. My mother hard to believe it was a pro Diva wrestler for Smackdown a long time ago. Even though she never won a belt she was very good at what she did. She was my inspiration to be what I am today.

Sarah Mae Bullins, my mother died when I was five of a broken neck when she was fighting in the ring. My dad told me she later on when I was old enough to understand that she had jumped of a turnbuckle landing too hard against the security walls. From then on my dad would stay away from wrestling especially Smackdown tours just too many bad memories of my mother.

“Well, honey I have to go they need me at work,” He said.

“Goodbye, Daddy,” I said. “I love you.”

“I love you too, honey,” He said before hanging up the phone. Just as I hung up a painful flashback came up in my head flashing before my eyes.

I was five years old and I was at my seventh Smackdown show watching as my mother as she walked down the ramp to fight her opponent who was already in the ring. That woman in the ring my mother was going to fight happened to be the current Women’s Championship belt holder. My mother was challenging her for the belt.

“There she is, your mother,” my dad said smiling as he watched her from our front row seats. “She looks gorgeous.”

“Daddy, she does. She prettier than any girl around,” I said looking up at him smiling with a child like grin on my face.

Soon the match had begun and my mother went at her, but she was clotheslined before she could get a punch in. The other diva began to punch my mother in the face a couple times and I screamed for this evil woman to stop hurting my mother.

Finally, my mother countered a punch putting her in a headlock. I smiled as my mother tightened the pressure on her neck. The other diva gasp for air and screamed as she thrashed about trying to get out of the deadly submission and she soon did. Mother was forced to release her.

After awhile the momentum of the match increased and my mother and the other woman were exhausted from fighting. It seemed that they were a good match for one another. The crowd was in an uproar as my mother went for a finisher that was a neck breaker.

Then it happened the woman ran out of the ring rushing to get her belt. She was going to forfeit and my mother knew it. Mother sprung forth over the springboard for her, but she missed. My mother went crashing into the security barricade in a painful position head first. She fell to the floor motionless. That’s when the referee knew something wasn’t right and he raced down see if she was okay. By then the other woman was long gone behind the curtains.

The referee said something that I could not hear as dad’s face turned to worry. Was there something wrong? I wondered in my five year old mind. I was granted correct when the referee hand came back from taking my mother's pulse. The announcers seen this and got up running over to see what was the matter.

“It seems Sarah Bullins is knocked out,” The announcer said into a headset.

“What’s wrong daddy? Is mommy okay?” I asked as my Dad got up scooping me up in his arms and jumped the barricade to his wife.

After that it was a blur and I was in tears after they took her to the hospital. I kept asking my dad what was happening and where they were taking her. He would just keep saying that they were going to help my mother, but somewhere in my heart I knew there was nothing they could do. I felt this strange feeling as if she was already gone.

“Mr. Bullins,” said a doctor that had a clipboard in his hands. “Your wife Sarah pasted there was nothing we could do to save her. The damage to her neck was too bad. I’m sorry.”

With those last words from the doctor’s mouth my dad fell to his knees in tears. I looked down at him a stray tear glistening down my cheek falling in my black hair. She was gone my five year old mind thought as I wrapping my arms around my dad’s falling apart form.

“Daddy,” I said. “Don’t cry. You make me cry.” My dad didn’t say anything just wrapped his arms around me.

I looked down at the floor of my apartment as a stray tear slid down my cheek. I wiped it away as the remaining memories of that faithful night when my mother died faded away. After that I was never really the same. I was always depressed when I was little until I got into my teens.

After that I got back into wrestling and promised myself and mother in heaven above that I would finish what she had begun. I would win the Women’s Championship belt even if I ever got in when I grew up. From then on I trained and studied the way that all the wrestlers I have ever known moves and everything else imaginable. I would carry out this promise until the end.

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