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Until The End: Chapter 4                                           Holy Beep It's Edge

The next day, which happened to be Monday it was time to go sign the contract to go into Smackdown. Vince made arrangements over the phone where I would sign it which was to be in Texas after I made the plane ride there. I was pumped for this day, so that morning I got up particularly early to start the day by taking a shower, getting ready, eating and making sure I had everything that I would need for the months of traveling on the road.

On half of the plane ride to Texas I fell asleep with my Zune on and I didn’t notice that someone was beside me until I felt them poke me in the arm. I groaned in my sleep about to scream at the person for interrupting my sleep, because I hadn’t got much the night before. I opened my eyes to be met by the most beautiful man I had ever seen and his name was Adam Copeland known as Edge in Smackdown. I slowly pulled the headphones off my head after turning off the Zune with my mouth gaping in astonishment at him. He smiled down at me and I managed to smile back.

“Hey, may I sit here?” Adam said look down at and then the seat that was beside me unoccupied with just my messenger bag and purse.

“Sure,” I stammered moving my bag out of his way as he began to seat down in the seat beside me.

“Thanks,” he said when he was seated. “The person in the seat I was seating next to was getting on my nerves.”

“Why?” I asked not looking directly looking at his gorgeous face.

I have that problem with people. Whenever they talk to me I don’t look directly at them, because it makes me nervous. I’m not a people person you see. I’m usually very quiet when I’m around anyone especially if they are a very attractive guy like Adam is. Even when I was little I was extremely shy. I would hide behind my dad whenever I met someone I didn’t know. Now that I’m an adult I’m not that shy anymore. You might ask how I got into wrestling, but I would tell you that I felt alive when I came out running down the ramp and into a ring and somehow my bashfulness goes away.

Then there’s this other side of me that is loud, random and confident. I guess that’s who I am around my best friends, friends and family. Some would say that I’m crazy when I get around the people I loved especially my best friends. I think it takes awhile for me to get used to new people, but when they do get to know me they will find that I’m not that all shy or quiet.

“The person beside me won’t shut up talking on their phone,” He explained. “I was trying to get some shut eye, but they wouldn’t shut their mouth to allow me too.” I grinned and then giggled at him and then looked away to the window looking out at the unending sky.

“What’s with the laughing?” He asked. I could feel his eyes on my turned head.

“Nothing, Adam Copeland,” I said smiling and then I looking over at him. “Since I already know your name I’ll give you mine. I’m Brianna Bullins and I will be the newest diva in Smackdown.”

“You’re the newest diva?” He asked smiling looking me up and down. My face grew hot and I was sure my cheeks were turning rosy pink.

I’ve never had a guy look at me like that before especially a guy like Adam, who’s famous. See I never had luck with men, because I didn’t want to get hurt and hurt them. I guess you could call me a hopeless romance if you wanted too. I had decided at twenty-two that I would never get involved in a relationship unless I thought they were the one. Yes, at times I would go on dates, but other than that I didn’t ever have a long term relationship with them.

“Yes, I am,” I said a bit confident. I was quivering and I hadn’t noticed it until now. I guess it was, because of Adam and him being famous. He looks hotter in person than on screen I thought as he looked at me with confused olive green eyes.

“Are you nervous?” He asked. I shook my head looking down at my fingerless gloved hands that were made to look like they were skeleton fingers. I began pulling at one nervously as I bit my lower lip.

“No need to be,” He chuckled in his deep husky voice. It sent shivers down my spine and I had to smile up at him. “Anyway you are going to have to get used to me.”

“Why?” I asked confused.

“I’m pretty sure that you don’t know,” He began smiling.

“Know what, Adam?” I asked confused and urgently.

“I’m going to be your tag team partner in a mixed tag and boyfriend in your storyline,” He said as my eyes grew wide with surprise and glee. I almost got up and started dancing around, but I suppressed the urge to do so.

“Holy shit, are you serious?!” I asked before covering my mouth. He smiled at me and shook his head no. He began to laugh, which made me laugh too.

“Why are we laughing?” I asked after awhile.

“I don’t know,” He said shrugging his shoulders then we both smiled at each other.

I loved his smile I thought. His lips looked so soft too. His eyes were, so gentle than when he was acting to be Edge on screen. I mentally shook that out of my head as it went quiet. I look over at him from the corner of my eye. He was looking straight head in his seat as I turned back on my Zune. Just as I did the “Foo Fighters” came on.

“Who are you listening to?” He asked looking over at me noticing the headphones and Zune.

“I’m listening to the Foo Fighters,” I answered as the song I was listening to went on softly as I told him.

“Cool, they happen to be one of my favorite bands of all times,” Adam said.

Then that is how I and Adam started talking about favorite bands and singers from there we went into talking about our other stuff. I learned a lot about him that I did know before and as we talked I began to open up to him. I wasn’t as nervous as I was before and soon I was laughing and joking with him. We continued to talk as we got off the plane and into a rental car.

“So who’s your favorite wrestler?” He asked as we drove down the road toward the hotel we would be staying at. We would be sharing a room he had told me earlier. I was sort of nervous about that part, but I would try to get used to it.

“I have a lot including you,” I said smiling over at him.

“But who is your most favorite of them all?” He persisted.

“Jeff Hardy,” I answered looking down. He looked at me like he wasn’t surprised.

“I thought for a minute you would say me,” He said playfully like he was jealous as he grinned over at me.

“Don’t be jealous, Edge,” I said playfully back as a grin graced upon my lips. He laughed at me shaking his head.

“So, did you know that Jeff is returning to the WWE?” He asked me. “Maybe you will get to see him. I think he’s supposed to be back in a few days.

“He is?” I asked giddy with excitement that I would probably and finally get to meet the hero that also inspire me to keep going at my dream of becoming a pro wrestler diva.

“That’s what Matt told me today,” He confirmed smiling at the look on my face. He could tell I was overjoyed at this news.

“Matt, his brother told you this when?” I asked as I moved around in my seat. I get like that when I find out something good like this. If it wasn’t for the car we were in I would probably be jumping up and down.

“A few days ago when I started touring,” He said still smiling.

“Will I get to meet both of the Hardy brothers?” I asked look up at him with puppy dog eyes, which told him that I wanted him to introduce me to them.

“Brianna, do you want me to introduce them to you?” He asked playfully.

“Yes,” I practically begged him. “This has always been one of my biggest, wildest dreams ever since I seen them on screen! I need too!”

He glanced over at me. “I guess I could,” He said defeated.

“Yes!” I yell at the top my lungs. “Adam, I love you so much for doing this for me!”

“Don’t mention it,” He said as we parked in the parking lot of the hotel and then got out of the car.

It wasn’t hard to find where Vince was, because as soon as we got there we were asked to go to his hotel room by the receptionist at the desk. We walked straight to his hotel room and knocked before entering. He let us in and we went inside.

“I see you two have already met,” He said as we sat down in a chair cross from him.

“Yes, we have,” Adam said nodding.

“We happened to be on the same plane,” I added.

“Well, then let’s get down to business you two,” He said. “I’m presuming you know of the mixed tag team you will be having with Adam.”

“Also that he's going to be my boyfriend in the storyline for awhile too,” I added letting him know. He nodded.

“So about the contract, let’s get it signed and over with shall we?” Vince said as he got it out after going over everything I needed to know about it. “Sign here and here.”

“What’s your promo?” Vince asked me.

“Well, they made me be the bad girl, which turns good, but still has an evil streak in her at times. She loves danger and loves a good fight. She also has an undying dream to become the Women’s Champion too,” I explained smiling as I glanced over at Adam, who looked surprised.

“Okay and your theme song?” He asked going on.

“Until the End by Breaking Benjamin,” I answered

“Perfect I think this is all the information I need,” He said and then he dismissed us.

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