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Las Vegas Or Bust : Chapter 3

Dani's face twisted into a chafed scowl as she walked into her apartment and recalled the previous night's festivities. She solely remembered Adam's dumb decision to bring his "lady friend" into her apartment. That was the third time that month. One of those three times, he managed to destroy one of her many paintings she'd been working on. She didn't want to come home from Med school, and have to question the cleanliness of her furnishings. Especially when it came to Adam.

She let out a long, frustrated groan and dropped her messenger bag on the ground next her her, before she turned around and stormed into Adam, Jeff, and Randy's apartment.

"Where's the bastard?!" Dani muttered, scouring through the three-bedroom apartment.

"Which one? The Lawyer? or the Construction guy?" Jeff called from the couch, where he was dimly staring at the television screen, a small white blunt in hand, and a half eaten slice of pizza in the other.

"The sorry-excuse-for a lawyer." Dani replied, still rummaging through the filthy apartment for the blond Canadian.

"He should be off by now." Jeff said, letting out a stream of smoke.

Dani waved the smoke away from her face. She cringe at the strong scent of marijuana emitting from the colorful cashier before her.

"Wanna hit?" Jeff coughed slightly before attempting to hand Dani the blunt.

"Jeff, you know I don't smoke, unlike you, I've actually got a future to worry about." Dani said, waving away Jeff's hand dismissively.

At that moment, Dani heard the door open, and she spotted her target. She let her anger accumulate within her once again in a rush.

"What the hell is your problem?!" Dani's infuriated voice boomed, as she stomped toward the blind-sided lawyer.

"What did I do?!" Adam blurted in a pathetic attempt to defend himself.

"You stupid jackass! You brought, yet another, slut into my apartment!" Dani flustered, slapping the large man's arm, which didn't even cause him to flinch.

"I didn't want to disturb any of you in here! I was only thinking of you! I was being courteous!" Adam claimed, his voice cowering slightly at the rage of the small brunette before him.

"Being courteous?! You call that courteous?! Going into my apartment, and contaminating my apartment with god-knows-what, that's courteous?! Adam, I am so close to choking you to death. " Dani threatened, through clenched teeth.

Adam stepped a few feet away from the woman, his hands posed in defense.

"Dani, just calm down alright? I'll stay out of your apartment as long as you want me to. Just, please, calm down." Adam said carefully, trying to appease the increasingly furious brunette.

"Calm down?! How the hell am I supposed to calm down?! Adam, I gave you, Jeff and Randy those keys to my place in case of emergency, not for you to turn it into a fucking brothel!" She shrieked, her face becoming an intense shade of red, due to her mounting rage.

"Alright! Alright! I get it. I wont step foot in your place ever again." Adam grinned, as he threw his hands into an 'I surrender ' gesture.

Dani's glare narrowed, and she stepped closer to him, and extended her hand.

"I want them." She said bluntly.

"Want what?" Adam exclaimed, slightly panicking under his grinning exterior.

"The keys I gave you to my apartment. I'll give them back to you when I think you're ready to handle the responsibility." She said in a mocking tone.

Adam reached into his suit pocket and pulled out two key attached to a key ring. He raised them above his head and grinned deviously.

The much smaller woman groaned, and stood on her toes to try to reach for her keys. She

stretched and strained, but still fell about a foot short out of his reach.

"Adam you jackass, give me my keys!" She growled, jumping in another attempt.

"Oh come on, you've got more anger than that." Adam provoked.

In response, Dani grunted and strained to jump higher.

"You're going to need some more motivation!" Adam mocked, reaching behind the woman and slapping her butt with his free hand. And before Dani's mind even registered what he did, he furthered his amusement in her agitation, by quickly pecking her on the lips.

The brunette's eyes widened with over-whelming shock. Her expression at first was one of surprise. But in an instant, her face turned into an aggressive mix of wrath and disgust.

She pulled her hand back and slapped the blonde with every ounce of outward force she could muster. She then, followed the blow with a strong knee to his groin. The latter of which left the lawyer crouched on the ground, screaming in pain and agony. Dani grabbed her keys that he dropped on the ground, and stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her.

"Holy shit!" Jeff howled with uncontrollable laughter. "You should've just given her the keys man!"

The lawyer shot his friend the one-finger-salute, and continued to moan in excruciating pain.

Jeff scorned Adam continuously in response, deriding him with no regret, and no sympathy for his friend in pain.

The hours passed by and around one in the morning, Jeff was snoring obnoxiously on the couch, Adam was dozing away in his bed (which took him a while to crawl to), and Dani was already in a deep state of peaceful slumber. But this was the hour that Randy came stumbling into the apartment building, his breath reeking of alcohol, and his pockets near-empty due to another one of his customary gambling sprees.

This was the norm for Randy, he'd lie to his friends and say something about how he'd be late from work. Then he'd go to some nearby casino, and gamble practically everything in his pockets. The he'd come back to the apartment, completely wasted, and in a deep state of ennui.

The drunken construction worker mumbled something about how he wasn't loud, how that woman was stupid anyway, and about his boss's garlic breath being a distraction. Randy went on with his drunken rants as he pulled out his keys and walked into what he thought was his, Adam and Jeff's apartment. But in reality, the handsome man was walking into Dani's apartment, the one conveniently located next to his.

He trudged into the sleeping woman's apartment, and not paying attention to the excessively clean and neat surroundings, which was in complete contrast to his apartment. Randy made his way through his dark and distorted surroundings, until he tripped and fell onto a bed.

And at that moment, Randy was relieved of any worries he had. All he needed was a comfortable bed, to fall asleep and forget that he even ever existed.


The next morning, Dani stirred in her slumber when she felt something move in her bed. She frowned when she also felt the steady inhale and exhale of the sleeping form beside her.

Dani immediately jumped up from her bed with a petrified shriek. The latter of which startled the now-awake Randy.

"What the hell Orton?!" The young brunette screamed, whipping a pillow toward the shocked, and hung-over construction worker.

"Huh?" Was all Randy could stammer before rubbing his eyes to rid them of sleep. His expression read uncertainties and confusion when he looked around the neat room. The neat room that wasn't his.

"Have you and Adam been smoking with Jeff? Or have you two completely lost it?!" Dani screamed.

But Randy simply grunted in response. He knew he'd lose any argument with Dani, especially if she were upset first thing in the morning. He just ignored the brunette and let her scream in his ear.

"You guys are invading my personal space! I cant even sleep in peace without one of you guys screwing something up for me!" Dani continued.

Randy said nothing, and groaned as he crawled out of her bed, still clothed in his apparel from the day before.

"How the hell did you even get in my bed?! No, how the hell did you get in my apartment?! Better yet, why are you in my bed?!" But Dani rushed on before he could answer." You know what?! I don't even wanna know anymore! Just... just get out!"

"You don't have to tell me twice." Randy muttered, as he made his way slowly out of the room.

Then suddenly, Dani let out an ear-piercing shriek, and threw the nearest, heaviest book near her, which just so happened to be one of her school books, at the construction worker.

"Jackass!" She yelled, before slamming the door and plopping onto her bed in a huff.

"Ahh!" She heard Randy groan. "Bitch!"

Randy walked back into his apartment, clenching the back of his neck in pain, thanks to Dani's amazing ability to hurl heavy textbooks over a far distance.

Adam and Jeff were rolling with laughter, when Randy walked in, wincing from the pain emitting from his neck.

"That-was-hilarious!" Adam said between bursts of unrestrained laughter.

"Shut up!" Randy said childishly, before walking to his room and slamming the door in response to his two friend's ridicule and mockery.

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