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Las Vegas Or Bust : Chapter 5

It was raining once again, and Jeff was on the couch, positioned in his unusual, awkward slump. He was taking his routine after-work nap. The scent of marijuana was pungent in the air, and the living room was scattered with potato chip bags, and beer cans. The latter of which seemed typical in the trio's apartment.

The door swung open loudly, but Jeff didn't even stir. An enraged Adam stormed into the quiet apartment, making lots of unnessacary noise as he did so.

"Jeff!" Adam exclaimed, throwing a pillow at the slumbering man.

Once again, the multicolored man didn't even budge, and continued to snore obnoxiously.

"Jeff, you jackass, wake up!" Adam said, even louder this time, pushing him aggressively and consequently making Jeff onto the ground with a loud and heavy thump.

Still, to no prevail, did not Jeff awake.

"Jeff!" Adam shouted even louder, this time kicking the sleeping man.

Adam stared in disbelief at Jeff when he still didn't awake. He continued to yell Jeff's name, and Jeff never woke up.

"Alright, that's it." Adam muttered,more to himself, as he grabbed a bowl from the kitchen and filled it with water. He then dumped the bowl onto Jeff.

Almost automatically, Jeff sprang forward, from his deep slumber.

"What the hell?! Adam -" Jeff began to scold the Canadian.

"Jeff, my money's missing. Every single penny, credit cards, everything."

Jeff looked up at Adam, bewildered.

"What does that have to do with me, and more importantly, why are you waking me up?" Jeff snarled, wiping off his dripping face with his blanket.

"Oh, don't play dumb Jeff, I know you have something to do with my money missing." Adam snapped.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. On the contrary, Adam, I have absolutely nothing to do with your horrible budgeting and your sad obsession with buying expensive things to impress cheap women." Jeff scoffed, feeling confident that he mocked Adam's lifestyle successfully.

"So that's it?"

"What are you talking about, Adam?" The cashier sighed tiredly.

"You know, at first I thought you stole my money to spend on your stupid drugs. But no that you mention 'cheap women', I'm starting to think you stole my money in spite of Beth." Adam accused.

"Number one, don't you ever call Beth 'cheap' again. And Number two, I didn't touch your god damned money." Jeff snarled in response.

"Oh, that's rich. Really.. Despite what she did to you, you still defend the woman that cheated on you..." Adam shook his head disapprovingly. "Never mind that though. I want to know where my money is, and I know you have it Jeff."

"I don't have you money Adam." A slight change in voice revealed Jeff's increasing impatience.

The sound of the door closing grabbed the immediate attention of the two bickering men.

Dani quirked an eyebrow and stared at the two, puzzled.

"Er..." She said, breaking the horribly awkward silence. "Have either of you seen Randy?"

They shook their heads no, and simultaneously began to glare daggers at each other, once more.

"What... happened? You guys look like you're going to murder one another." Dani said cautiously, walking toward the two.

"Your little friend here, thought it would be funny to steal my money. Just because he can't get over his little crush." Adam teased, he was beginning to sound more and more like a 10-year-old.

"Adam, so help me god-" Jeff began, through clenched teeth.

"Wait a minute Jeff!" She exclaimed, jumping in between the two. "Adam, before you go pointing fingers. Did you consider what else may've happened? Maybe you lost it!"

"I didn't lose it Dani." He replied flatly. "This bastard took it!"

Jeff proceeded to lunge for Adam's neck, but Dani tried to push the large man back. She didn't do well, but prevented the enraged cashier from choking the blonde lawyer.

"Stop it! Come on! Guys, quit it!" Dani pleaded hopelessly as she became uncomfortably sandwiched between the fighting men.

"You stupid Canadian!" Jeff shrieked as he grabbed Adam's blonde tresses and began to attempt to yank them from the roots.

"Is that the best you got?! Come on you druggie!" Adam mocked, kicking Jeff's shin as he struggled to get out of Jeff's grasp.

"Ow! Stop fighting! Please! Lets just talk about this!" Dani squealed, still in the middle of the growing conflict.

"You slept with Beth!" Jeff shouted, slapping Adam.

"You stole my money!" Adam retorted, grabbing Jeff's multi-colored locks and yanking on them.

"You killed my goldfish!" He slammed Adam's head into the nearest wall.

Dani finally found her way out of the fight, and began to try to push the two apart again; still failing.

"I... told... you... Randy was supposed to feed it! Not me!" Adam bellowed between each punch he gave.

"Bullshit!" Jeff kneed Adam in his gut, earning a aloud groan from the man, curling in pain.

Randy entered the apartment, but the two didn't stop to see who it was, they continued to throw punches. Dani, on the other hand, rushed to Randy, desperation apparent on her features.

"What the hell happened now?" Randy groaned at the sight of the two grown men, fighting like children.

"Adam thinks Jeff stole his money. Can you please do something?!" Dani pleaded.

Randy sighed and made his way toward the two. By this time, Jeff had Adam in a headlock, and Adam was flailing about helplessly. Randy pried the two apart, and stood between the panting roommates.

"Alright, you two douchebags. Dani told me about the problem. My money's missing too. I think someone stole our money at the party." Randy let the semi-lie rush past his lips smoothly.

Adam was silent.

"You see?! I didn't take your goddamned money!" Jeff stuck out his tongue.

"Jeff? Are you missing any money?" Dani asked, helping Randy with his lie.

"I haven't really checked... now that I think about it..." Jeff said thoughtfully. He went into his room, and back his wallet, opening it only to discover it was empty.

"Well then, I guess all three of us are screwed." Jeff said concludingly.

"Now Adam, next time you decide to pick a fight, can you avoid jumping to conclusions?" Randy groaned.

Adam glared at the two and stormed off to his room.


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