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Las Vegas Or Bust : Chapter 4

About a week passed, and Dani had come to forget about the incidents involving Adam and Randy. The incident involving Jeff leaving his bong in her apartment was also later forgotten. The four friends were anticipating the huge party being thrown for Adam's 30th birthday, and despite their frequent quarrels, they seemed to come together harmoniously for the event.

Before the four of them knew it, it was October 30th, Adam's birthday.

The scene was what Dani would describe as a “typical Adam party.” It was abundant with beautiful women, loud, obnoxious club-music, and a lot more beer than necessary. Hectic was just an understatement to describe it all.

The luxurious penthouse the party took place in belonged to one of Adam's many “lady friends”.

He decided to actually call back one of the women he met. He knew she was rich because she continuously bragged about her father, spoiling her rotten. So he used her to his advantage, and persuaded the woman to throw his birthday party in her penthouse. The rest was history.

Jeff was in an out of consciousness due to the bad combination of marijuana and alcohol. Every once and a while he'd wake up, barf into the nearest trash can, and then return to his unconscious state in a matter of minutes.

When he invited Beth to the party, he didn't intend on getting intoxicated at all. But when she left to go to the restroom, his temptation began to take over, and from that point on, it's been downhill.

Randy was slowly becoming more and more drunk with each passing hour, but he was indulging in his own vice, gambling. It had been three hours and the handsome man had bet off every penny in his pocket. By this time, he'd been waging his sole possessions, his wallet was probably the most valuable thing he put up. His mind had completely tuned out any thoughts that tried to ruin his indulgence in recklessness. And with each roll of die, or each dealing of cards, Randy fell deeper and deeper into his careless trance.

Dani wasn't completely sober herself. She 'let loose' when she realized she couldn't restrain Jeff from his drugs, Randy from his gambling, or even Adam from his women. She soon became as intoxicated as Randy, and was having a great time dancing off beat to the loud music and conversing with people she didn't know, and drinking more and more.


By one in the morning, Randy had become desperate. He had bet off everything in his name. He became nervous when he thought of his friend's possessions came to hind. He overcame his slight anxiety and began to look for one of his close friends.

He spotted and unconscious Jeff laying awkwardly across a luxurious couch.

“Perfect.” Randy slurred, a vicious grin gracing his handsome features.

He made his way toward the colorful cashier, and began to search him in a rushed manner. He scoured through his pockets, and after a few minutes of searching his insensible friend, he found Jeff's wallet and quickly made his way back to the table.


By twelve noon, the penthouse was only occupied by the "birthday boy", his closest friends, and a few random dazed drifters.

Dani was just awakening from a bed she didn't recognize fully. She became even more dazed and confused when she discovered her abandoned clothing, scattered carelessly around the unfamiliar bed.

"Crap." She muttered as she hit her forehead with her wrist . The nights events came back to her memory in a blur. She bit her lip when she remembered what she did.

"How could you do this to me man?!" The deep southern accent came from the next room.

"Jeff?" Dani muttered,more to herself, rather the vivid cashier.

She then heard a loud, frustrated groan came from the same room, and most likely Jeff.

Dani then quickly grabbed her clothes from the ground and slipped them on, then quickly made her way toward what sounded like Jeff's aggravated voice.

The brunette stopped in her tracks when she saw the scene before her.

Adam was pulling on the jeans he was wearing from the night before, and a frazzled Beth was hastily yanking on her clothing as well.

"Jeff was standing in the doorway beside an astonished and confused Dani.

"Adam... Jeff, what the hell is going on here?!" Dani said, glancing at the scene before her in disbelief.

Beth then scurried out of the room with heated embarrassment written all over her face.

"As you can see, Dani, my best friend just stabbed me in the back." Jeff then turned to Adam. "Sort of how he did to my brother."

"God damnit Jeff, I said I was sorry! We were drunk alright?! Drop it!" Adam retorted, as he buried his face in his large hands.

"Is that your excuse Adam? You were drunk?" He snorted disdainfully. "I bet that was the same thing you told Matt when he found about you and Amy!"

"You said you wouldn't bring it up again!" Adam said through clenched teeth, growing quickly aggravated.

"You son-of-a-bitch! This is the second time! How the hell can I avoid it?! I don't even know why I'm still friends with you! First my brother, now me! I should've seen this shit coming, especially from a conniving bastard like you!" Jeff snarled, malice exuding from every word screamed.

"Jeff, calm down." Dani said carefully, nudging Jeff away from the ashamed lawyer.

"You disgust me, I cant believe I ever trusted you." Jeff spat, ignoring Dani's attempt to pacify him.

"What the fuck do you want me to do?! I'm sorry! Okay?!" Adam shrieked in annoyance.

Dani stood infront of the enraged Jeff, and began to push him back with as much force as she could.

"Jeff, come on." She grunted as she struggled to push the well-built man away from the conflict.

"Just stay away from me." Jeff said to Adam before he turned around and left penthouse.

Dani then sighed tiredly and turned back to a humiliated Adam.

"How could you do that to Jeff? You know he's liked her for so long." She said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I don't know, Dani, I wasn't thinking right." He groaned, looking up from his hands.

"Adam, you really hurt him."

"I know..." Adam muttered.

She shook her head disappointedly, and left the shameful man by himself.


Hours passed and Adam and Jeff went to work late, Dani decided to skip her classes that day,due to her unbearable hangover. But not any of the three had seen Randy that day. Until he suddenly appeared infront of Dani's apartment door.

"Randy? I haven't seen you all day... What are you doing here?" Dani answered the door,a puzzled expression gracing her features.

"Dani, we need to talk." Randy said sternly.

"Sure... About what?" Dani asked a hint of worry in her tone.

Randy was silent, and stared at the puzzled med student with a staid expression.

She pursed her lips and gestured for Randy to come in, sensing that the situation was serious.

"Randy... what happened? You're kind of scaring me here..."

The silent construction worker walked into Dani's apartment, and sat down on her couch, wringing his hands nervously, and staring down at the carpet, detached.

"Randy..." Dani's voice faltered, her hand rested on his shoulder reassuringly.

"Dani." Randy finally spoke. "I screwed up... last night, I made a huge mistake."

"I think we all did..." She looked down momentarily before sitting down next to him.

"No, I lost all of our money, Dani. Mine, Adam's and Jeff's. It's all gone." Randy groaned.

"Wait, what?!" Dani jumped from her seat. "What do you mean you lost their money? What the hell did you do?!"

"What else do you think I did? I gambled it off. I stole their wallets at the party, and gambled it off." Randy said, guilt overtaking his handsome features.

"You what?!" Dani shrieked, heat rushing to her face. "What the hell Randy?! Have you completely lost your mind?!"

He only groaned in response, obviously he was anticipating this type of reaction from the smaller woman.

"I knew you had a gambling problem, but.. god, Randy, did you really have to go that far?!" She rushed on before he could respond."You're one lucky bastard, at least you three still have your jobs!"

"See.. Dani, that's what I needed to talk to you about..." Randy's voice trailed off.

The fuming woman's glare narrowed, and she clenched her fists, ready for attack.

"What else did you do to completely ruin you and your roommates lives?!"

"I lost my job." He said calmly.

"How could you have lost the one thing that actually did good for you?!"

"I didn't exactly go to work everytime I said I did. I was out at the casino. I guess I missed a lot of days because of it and... well, got fired."

"That's just great... Really Randy..." She groaned, sarcasm lacing her words. "How the hell are you guys going to pay rent this month? Its due in about a week!"

"Well,see, that's the other thing. I cant lie to them about the money for too long... I'll need-" He corrected himself. "We'll need a place a to stay, just so we can... get back up on our feet."

The tall man stood, and towered over the woman, a pleading expression settling his features.

"Oh.. Oh no.! No way, Randy, I'm not letting it happen!" Dani exclaimed when she saw what he was implying.

"Dani, come on" Randy coaxed, taking a step closer for each one Dani took back.

"There's no way in hell, Randy. No. Forget it!"

"Please, Dani... Do it for us... we've been your friends for so long-" he advanced toward Dani quicker this time.

"I don't care, Randy, you got yourself into this, you're going to get yourself out." And with those dismissive words, she turned on her heel and quickly began to go to her bedroom. But a strong yank propelled her backwards, and she was once again inches away from Randy.

"Danielle, we need you... I need you. You cant just throw us out on the street like that." He took an unnecessary step forward, barely leaving a distance between the two. His hand grazing her arm, the other twirling a stray hair playfully.

"Don't try any of your tricks on me, it won't work, I'm immune to it. I'm your friend, not one of your skanks, remember?" Dani slapped away his hands, and attempted to walk away from him again.

"Well then Dani, I'm not leaving until you let us stay for a while. It wouldn't be long, and as soon as I find a new job, and they get some cash, we'll be out. This would be temporary and -"

"Goddamn it, fine Randy, just take this money and get out of here. It's all I have. You guys can move in once I'm done with my exams." Dani pulled out all of the bills in her wallet and shoved them into Randy's hands.

"-Thank you so much, Dani you don't know how -"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever, just get out of my sight. And try not to gamble off the money I gave you. Don't blow it."

"Yes Ma'am." Randy joked, before he dashed out of the brunette's apartment in an elated flurry.

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