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Mistakes                                                                                                                 Chapter 8: Reveal

Before Randy notices it's Monday again. He's afraid to go to this nights show, because for some reason Vince haven't tried to contact him, so he doesn't have a clue of if he's fired or not.

Cody tries to calm him down and tell him that everything is going to work out just fine. Randy is not so sure about that, but he goes along anyway.

They stand in the locker room, it's just the two of them.

"Cody what if he fires me?" Randy asks, starting to walk backwards and forwards across the locker room.

"Calm down, I'm sure he won't, you are too valuable to the company."

"Many others are and were... If he fires me I have nothing else to do. Wrestling is my life."

"I know it is! He won't fire you, even if he did, you could still wrestle for TNA or something like that."

"I want to be here, okay? The WWE is the company I want to wrestle for."

"Randy sit down, you'll get more stressed than you already are if you keep walking restless around."

Randy looks at Cody, he is sitting on the bench. Randy hesitates for a moment, but then he sits down beside him. He plants his head in his hands and closes his eyes.

"God Cody, I'm so confused."

"I know and I understand. Try to relax a little," Cody raises and gets behind Randy, he starts to massage him.

It doesn't take him long to make Randy loosen up a bit. He moans with pleasure.

"You like that don't you?" Cody whispers in his ear and Cody nuzzles his nose up against Randys cheek. Randys eyes remain closed.

"You know me too well…" He can feel Codys naked upper body against his bare back. Codys neck on his right shoulder. Cody rubs his head against Randys, like a playful, little kitty that wants petting. The back of Randys neck rests on Codys left shoulder.

"It's a bad time to get me overexcited," Randy whispers, pressing his legs closer together.

"Really Randy, really?"

Randy smiles cocky while he opens his eyes a little and looks at Cody out of the corner of his eye: "Okay, now I totally lost it," they both laugh softly.

Randy gets on his feet.

"You have a match against Miz tonight right?" Randy asks as he turns around to face Cody.

"Yes I have and I have to go and get ready, I promised Miz that we would go through the whole thing one more time."

"Yeah, Miz has to be told what to do a thousand times before he gets it."

"That's right, I'm just glad our storyline together is short, I can't stand that guy!"

"Me neither."

"Well… I have to go."

"Thanks man… For everything."

"You're welcome," Cody looks up at Randy with this innocent boy look of his. Randy leans forward slowly. Cody closes his eyes and pouts his lips a little. Randy thinks Cody looks cute as he stands there.

They both get lost in their kiss, so they don't notice that Miz stands in the doorway, looking at them.

Hot stuff! The other guys are going to love this, Miz thinks to himself, quickly walking away.

Randy is on his way to Vince office.

As soon as Cody had left the locker, Josh Mathews had come to tell Randy that Vince wanted to speak with him.

Randy stares at the door handle, he's not ready to go in there and get his discharge.
Cody had really made him relax, but now that he was so close to Vince, all the emotions seemed to come right back.

The door suddenly flings right open, Randy takes a step back and looks up. A pair of brown eyes are holding Randys sight firm. He gets dumb.

"I expected you, please come in," Vince says, taking a step to the side, making space for Randy in the doorway. Randy enters without taking his eyes away from Vince's. Vince closes the door slowly after him.

"I assume you know why I wanted to talk to you?" Vince says taking the seat behind his desk, giving Randy a signal to place his bottom on the chair across him. He sits and places his hands in his lap. Vince elbows is placed on the desk, his hands are folded and his chin is resting on top of them.

"How are things going with you, Randy?"

"Fine, why do you ask?"

"Because I want to know? You guys are like kids to me, I want to know if you're healthy and happy."

"Well my diet is going as it's supposed to and I'm happy…"

"People has been telling me that you have been kind of depressed lately. I want to know if that's true."

"It's not."

"Then why didn't you show up last Monday?"


"Randy I know about your problems… Cody told me."

Randy is sure that it's impossible to get more nervous than he is in this moment.

"What did he tell you?"

"Do I really have to tell YOU that? I thought you knew what your own problem was?"

"Well apparently I don't."

"Okay… He told me that you were depressed and that you were having problems controlling you anger again."

Randy gets confused 'I didn't tell Cody about my outburst?' he thinks to himself.

Randy is just about to speak, when Vince cuts him of: "Not to talk about the little bird that has been singing."

Randy looks even more confused.

"You know what I'm talking about Randy… You… And Cody… Are…"

Randys eyes sets on fire, he gets up and hammers his fist down desk.

"What are we!?" Randy yells angry.

"Randy calm down, I'm just saying that…" Randy finishes his line: "That we are sleeping together?!"

"Randy I understand that you are depressed, confused, upset, and all that, but you have to calm down!"

"You were about to call me gay weren't you?!"

Vince gets up and he yells right into Randys face: "I don't care if you're gay or not, problem is that you are the biggest star on this show and you are having personal issues!"

Randy stares Vince down.

"You have to take a break from wrestling…"

"You wanna fire me, huh!?"

"I'm about to give you a short vacation, but if you don't shut your mouth this instant then you're damn right I'm gonna fire you!"

Randy doesn't speak another word.

"I'll give you a couple of weeks off, which should be more than enough to get back on track."

"I don't need a vacation."

"Take it or leave it. If you take it, then you'll be back in a couple of weeks, if not, then you won't be back at all… It's your choice."

Randy sighs: "You promise me that I'm still employed when I return?"

"Of course Randy… I want you to get better."

"Can I come even though I'm not on the show?"

"Of course you can, but I would rather see you back when you're ready again."

"I'll try to keep away, but I can't promise."

Vince is smiling satisfied.

Randy leaves Vince office in relief, he really thought that he was going to get fired… But how did he know about Cody and him? And Cody didn't know about his outburst at the lesbians' house, he had omitted to tell him about that part. He hadn't had an outburst in front of Cody, so how did he know and why did he tell?

Randy caught Cody in his break.

"I have talked to Vince…"

"What did he say?!" Cody seems anxious.

"I'm not fired, but he wanted me to take a short vacation."

"Well that's fantastic!"

Randy breaks Codys upcoming victory dance: "Why did you tell him all those things?"

"Tell him what?" Cody knows he can't lie to Randy, he's bad at lying.

"You told him that I'm depressed and that my anger is running over."

Cody confesses immediately: "Okay I did tell him! I'm sorry Randy, but I was afraid too, you know! I didn't want him to fire you, so I told him things that I knew he would bear over with… And… And… I'm sorry… I…"

Randy can't help smiling, Cody's so cute when he's afraid that he's mad at him. It's even cuter that he can't lie and he just admits instant. He would probably tell Vince if he had eaten a cookie. Sweet, little Cody.

"Why are you smiling?" Cody asks confused.

"You're cute when you're confused."


"I don't know why you needed to know that."

"Me neither?"

Randy forgets all about Vince knowing about him and Cody.

Randy walks down the halls with Cody on one side of him and Ted on the other side, later that night.

"Vince said I needed a vacation, so Ted, you and Cody are going to hold the fort while I'm gone."

"But why are you suddenly getting a vacation? I just made a movie, I need a vacation."

"You have to talk to Vince about that, I didn't ask for the vacation, he just thought I needed one."

"Lucky bastard…"

Some of the superstars are standing not far away from them, Legacy is on their way over to them, when somebody suddenly yells: "Here comes the gay parade!" Miz steps forward and shows himself to them, smiling cocky.

Everybody is looking at them, most of the superstars is laughing and whispering something to each other.

Ted looks at Randy and Cody… Cody and Randy looks at each other.

"Gay parade! God… That was a nice one!" Morrison laughs high fiving Miz.

Randy glances at every superstar that is laughing. The sight of them is making him more and more upset. He snaps.

"What are you laughing at?!" He growls, practically running towards the crowd of people.

Miz gets a little afraid, so he jumps quickly into the crowd, being in front right now didn't seem like a good idea.

Randy gets to Miz pretty fast, cause no one want to get in his way, so they just back away from Miz, leaving him unprotected.

Randy pushes Miz into a wall, so hard that it causes him to fall to the ground. Randy stands right over him.

"What's so funny Miz, huh?!"

"Nothing Randy?!" Miz screams afraid.

"What's your fucking problem!? If you wanna piece of me then get up and fight back!" Randy kicks Miz right in the ribs. He cries out with pain.

"You're worth nothing Miz! Get up!" Randy drags him up.

"Randy chill!" he screams frightened, wishing for somebody to help him.

"You think you so smart don't you!?" Randy head butts Miz, he falls back on the ground.

Randy sits on Miz chest and he starts to hit him several times in the head.

"Randy what are you doing?!" Cody yells getting over to them, trying to get Randy of Miz.

"A little help here!?" Cody says looking desperately at the other superstars. They realizes Randy is beating the hell out of Miz and they help Cody. It takes four men to hold Randy down on the ground, one for each leg and arm. Morrison checks on Miz, nothing broken, but he's going to get a black eye or two.

"Randy listen to me! Calm down!" Cody says looking down on Randy. He's twisting and turning, trying to get away.

Cody looks after Morrison and Miz, they are already gone, probably to clean Miz up, blood was running from his nose.

"Let go of him, they are gone," Cody orders the 4 men.

Randy gets up immediately, he sends them all a threatening sight… Except Cody.

"Randy I'll take you home, come on… Forget about Miz, his stupid."

It was hard getting Randy back home, but when finally they were alone again, he started to calm down.

They lie beside each other in Randys bed, looking into each others eyes.

"Why did you freak out like that?" Cody whispers slowly.

"I don't know."

"Can I ask you something?"


"What am I to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Am I a friend, or…"

"I like you…"

"Which way?"

"You know that."

"No I don't? I thought you and I… but then… And…"

"Cody I'm sorry…"

"I don't think I can be with one, who I can't be with in public."

"I don't know why I freaked… But you can be with me in public."

"Then why did you beat Miz for saying that?"

"He's an idiot, he pushes the right buttons every time…"

"But are you sure that you want to?"

A small smile slowly shows over Randys lips. He runs his fingers through Codys hair.

"Cody you're special. You do something to me that no one has ever done. Every time I see you, you start a riot inside me."

Codys not sure if Randys just using him, or he actually means it.

"Why didn't you get mad at me for telling Vince, when you got mad at Miz?"

"It's impossible to get mad at you?"


"I won't go to the house shows this week, but next Monday, I'll ask Vince to make a new storyline… With you and me… We'll announce our love affair to the fans."

"Wha… Are you sure!?"

"Cody I meant what I said. I have never felt like this before, you really do something weird to me. I know it's hard to see when I freak at everyone who comments us, but I'll get over it…"

"No one has ever done something like that for me… Randy you're the sweetest…"

"Don't make me laugh, I'm far from being sweet… I'm a real bad ass!" he whispers laughing.

"You sure are," Cody laughs along.

Total silence for a while.

"Can I ask you something?" Randy asks moving closer to Cody.

"Of course…"

"How many have you been with?"

"Girls and boys, or just?"

"Just boys."

"A couple… But they were all just one night stands. They were afraid to get officially involved with another man… opposite you," Cody smiles and moves closer too, they can't get any closer.

"Do I know them?"

"Some of them…"


"Dave for example."



"I didn't know he was into men?!"

"So many superstar in the WWE have tried it with each other, we just don't talk about it. I think I'm the only one who really means it."

"Don't forget me, I'm in this too…"

"Sorry, we mean it."

"Wow… I didn't realize the other guys were in this…"

"I didn't either, till they showed me…"

"Is Miz in it?"

"God no? Did you really think that?"

"No, but I had to be sure."

"I understand… He and Morrison are straight, unless they do it with each other…"

They look at each other in an odd way.

"Nooooo…" They say it at the same time.

Randy crawls on top of Cody.

"Do you know what I feel like?"


"I feel like kissing you," Randy kisses him, Cody closes his eyes – this is almost too good to be true.

They both got butterflies in their stomachs.

Randy doesn't know how Cody does it, but Cody is the only one who can make him calm… He's the only one he never wants to get mad at… Randy had never thought the love of his life, would be a man, even Cody… And it came so sudden…

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