Sarah only wants two things in life The WWE womens Championship and Matt hardy, one night could change everything...will she fall and lose it all? Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, many more.
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A Walk To Remember: Chapter 1                      By Angeleyes712                                          Dreams

Here comes her oppenent weighing in at 122 pounds, Sarah Marie!!'The crowd cheered for me, well some boos but more yay's then not. I was the star, the diva, the woman's champion!!


I looked up and saw my mom, she looked irratated. I rolled over and looked at the clock, 7:15 A.M.

'UGH! Mom! you woke me up from my perfect dream.'

'Was it about that wrestling junk again? I just don't understand why you can't be like those other girls and like shopping instead.'

'I'm not like other girls and wrestling isn't junk.'

I watched her roll her eyes and walk out the door. My mom never understood why I like wrestling, it's not liking it anymore it's a passion. Someday...someday..

Later on that night:

'Sarah, guess what? Okay no guessing, WWE is coming to Michigan!
and I did you a favor.'

WWE never comes to Michigan, I began to wonder what this favor was.

'Dustin....what'd you do?'

I was worried.

'I got us backstage passes!! It's next week..arn't u excited?'

Excited wasn't the word for it...nothing could describe this.

'thank you, thank you, thank you! Ahh your ah-mazing.'

I quickly hung up and marked my calender for the date.
This is one thing I can't miss. I started thinking about who would be there, I hope Matt Hardy is. I don't care if his brother overshadows him...I think he is great. & Maybe one day i'll prove how great I am too him. I decided to keep this a secret if my mom knew she probably wouldn't let me go.

'Hey mom, i'm exhausted from school i'm going to head to bed, kay?'

'Sure sweetie, love you night.'

'love you too.'

I kissed her forehead and went up too my room, although I knew that I wasn't going to be getting much sleep tonight.