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A Walk To Remember: Chapter 7                                                                                              Words

I woke up to the smell of something burning. Before I knew it the smoke alarm was going off. and I heard Matt cussing.

"What is going on down there?"

I ran down the stairs to check it out. Matt was scrubbing out a pan and the smell of burnt eggs was overwelming.

"Matt, what are you doing?!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. Just figured i'd try and cook up some eggs and bacon for breakfast."

"Well, no offence but you are a terrible cook, here let me do it."

While Matt turned off the smoke alarm, I cooked the fried eggs and bacon. I knew home economics would pay off someday. After we sat down and ate, and I finished scrubbing the pans from the burnt eggs. Matt and I sat down and watched some television. It was nice having the house to ourselves for once.
His dad had gone out to visit some friends. We ended up next to each other on the couch. Watching some old wrestling matches. I was more happy with the fact I was next to him then watching the tv.

"Sarah, tell me about your family, what are they like?"

I hesitated, planning exactly what to say and what not too.

"Well my mom is nice, she isn't exactly the smartest person but she can do well enough. She is there for everyone too. My dad is the joker. He loves playing jokes on people and acts just like a kid. But when you get him mad you better watch out. My brother Tim was in the Air Force and now has moved on with his own family of 3. And my other brother his name is Noah. I guess I just miss him.
He made some mistakes and is now in Prision. But he is a changed man now. I can promise you that. It just gets lonely sometimes without him."

"I'm sorry. I'm glad to hear your parents are well though. That's always a great thing. But just so you know i'm not going to leave. I'm going to be right here always and forever."

I was taken back. Always and forever was a big promise.

"Thanks. I'll be here for you too."

I didn't want to make a big enough commitment to the always and forever part.
After all we are just friends. He's like a big brother in a way.

Later that night:

"Hey Sarah, me and a few of the guys and girls are going to a party tonight.
There is going to be drinking so you can't join that part, but would you like to go?"

"Umm..No thanks. I think i'm going to stay here and catch up with whats going on back home."

This of course was a complete lie.

"Alright, if your sure. I'll see you later then. Or tomorrow if your sleeping."

I flipped through the channels and finally ended up on 'A double Shot at Love.
After that got over I decided i'd make myself something to eat, I fixed up Grilled Cheese and Soup. Not Tomatoe seeing as I hated those, but Chicken Noodle. It was around 8 pm when I went to my room. I wasn't tired but I kind of wanted to be awake when Matt got home. So I set my alarm for 11:30 pm. and drifted off into la-la land.

I woke up my eyes wide open not expecting the alarm. I shut it off and decided i'd call my friend Brittany.

"Hey girly whats up?"

"Nothing, where are you? I asked Dustin but he didn't tell me anything."

"I'm in North Matt's house..Hardy."

"What are you doing there? How'd you get there, i'm confused. Details puh-lease."

"Well I ran into Matt at a live event and he offered to take me out to eat, I guess I seemed interesting because he took me home. Well to his home. & now I'm here."

"OMG. Does your mom know? I bet you she is worried sick about you."

"Calm down! She knows and I should be home soon, I don't like it here. See You know I like Matt a lot! But it's hurting me to be here when he only sees me as a friend. You know what that's like..right?"

"Yeah I understand, hey look Sarah I have to go sorry."

We hung up and I was bored. I ended up calling Jeff, I was in the calling mood and his number was on the fridge, what else was I suppose to do?

"Hey there Jeff."

"Hi...umm...who is this?"

"It's Sarah, you know the girl Matt took home?"

There was a certain ring to that I liked.

"Oh, Hey I think. Whats up?"

"Nothing i'm bored, Matt went out tonight. and OMG why arn't you with them?"

"I don't like to Party all the time, i'm more sit at home and draw or something."

"Oh, well then...."

"Why arn't you with him?"

"I..I don't know really. I'm just tired I guess."

"You don't seem like it."

"I just took a nap. I'm more awake now I think."

"Can you do me a favor?"


"Go downstairs, the second room on your left. Go in there would ya?"


I walked downstairs and went too the room he said. Inside was a bunch of his paintings. They were amazing.

"Do you see them?"

"Yes, they are incredible, just wow."

"Thank you, do you know why I showed you them?"

"No, why?"

"That way you can see into my life, what goes on in my head, Matt told me that he fustrated that you only let him know so much. & he can't figure out what's going on in that little head of yours."

"Well, some things are better left un-said you know?"

"I understand."

Just then I heard Matt come in the house.

"Jeff, i'll call you back later, I have to go."

I crawled back into bed and pretended to be asleep. I was listening.
I don't know what for but I didn't expect what I heard. It was obvious Matt was drunk but it hurt. I don't know why, I mean I knew he was not even mine but it did.

"Eve, I do love you. You know your my everything my world, my life."

"Matt, i love you too, but your drunk you know that."

"Silly girl, drunken minds speak sober hearts. and You know that."

"Well Matt you tell me this when your sober and i'll be in love."

"I'm in love with you. i'll be here for you forever and always."

I was furious. He used MY line. My words he spoke for me. I ran down the stairs tears streaming down my face.


I ran out of the house, i didn't know where I was going but it was away from here.

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