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A Walk To Remember: Chapter  9                                                                                             The Walk

"Morning Sarah, I ordered some waffles, hope thats okay?"

"Yah that sounds good, thanks Jeff."

"No Problem. So what times your plane suppose to be leaving?"

"2:00 today, so in about 4 hours or so."

"Alright then, so do you mind if I take you out sight seeing or something for your last day?"

"Sure. That'd be nice."

Later on that day we ended up at the mall. Jeff was being super nice, it was kind of suspicious, but I never really thought anything of it.

"So, what am I suppose to get?"

"You can get whatever you want kiddo, go ahead."

"Ahh thank you."

"Wait! Under one condition."

"And whats that?"

"You have to buy a dress, a semi-formal one."


"You'll see. Anyways i'm heading to the other stores, see ya."

I headed over too debs. Deb's seemed to always have dresses fit for any occasion. I wondered what i'd be needing mine for.
I tried on about 8 different dresses. Some were too fancy, others too plan, and some just didn't seem right...Until I found the perfect dress. It was purple and white and a little shorter then knee length. It had purple lace and flowers printed all over the white, and they weren't little kid flowers either, they described elegant yet flirty. I bought it then headed back to Jeff after stopping at a few more stores.

"Did you get it?"

"Yes, and My gosh it's perfect Jeff."

"May I see it?"

"Well..arn't you going to see it later?"

"Actually no, but i'd love to see it on you now, go try it on."

I left to go try it on, wondering why he wasn't going to see it on me later. After fixing my hair and making it look just right,
the dress helped a lot. I went back.

"You look absoulutly stunning!"

"Aww, thank you. So you like it?"

"Yes, it fits you so amazingly."

"Haha, amazing is a good thing."

"It'll be perfect for tonight."

At the house:

"Jeff, it's getting late I mean it is 12:30 and I do have to be at the airport by 2."

"I know, I know, just put your dress on and get ready, we have one stop before the airport, i'm sure you'll love it."


I got changed and curled my hair. I did a half up, half down hair style. Then admired myself it the mirror. I wasn't normally this concieted but I really did look amazing. After I was dressed I headed back down to see Jeff and after his many compliments we got in the car and headed to wherever he was taking me.

"Jeff, can you un-blindfold me now?"

"Yes, we're here."

I waited for him to take my blind fold off and looked out the window.
We were at the beach. It was decorated with rose petals and there were two horses, on the white horse was Matt, there was a brown and black one beside him. I gulped, said thank you to Jeff, and then got out.
I tried to fight back the tears of overwelment.

"You look beautiful Sarah."

"Thanks" I choked out.

"Well...We were going to ride horses but seeing as your in a dress, how about we just take a walk."

"Matt, why? I mean..."

"I know your still upset at me, but i'm really sorry, truly you have to believe me because I am. I had to make this up too you."

"I...I forgive you."

We took a walk across the beach and headed into the woods. Sitting there was a blanket and a picnic basket.

"Oh my, Matt this is amazing."

"Sort of like you?"

I blushed.

"Sarah, I have something really important to tell you."


"I did this because I wanted to make you miss your plane."

Reality flushed back to me in that second. I completely lost track of the time, I checked my phone it was 3:00.

"MATT! What the heck? How could you?"

"Please wait, let me explain."

"Your so stupid. & you wonder why I hate you."

"SARAH! I NEED to explain."

"I've think you've done enough thank you and goodbye."

I left and walked away, I had a pretty good idea of where I was going, all I had to do was follow the rose petals. I got pretty far and was at the brim of tears before I felt someone grab onto my arm.

"Ow, quit that hurts!"

He let go.

"Sarah, I did it because..I don't want you to leave me.
Because i'm a stupid man and because I messed up. You don't deserve what I did. & i'm sorry. But most of all, because I love you, your amazing, your everything. Your perfect."

"Matt....I love you too."

It was wrong, it was so wrong. Word's didn't even begin to explain how wrong it was. But he kissed me, it was a 'I want to be with you forever kiss. & I kissed back. This would be a walk i'd always have to remember.

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