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A Walk To Remember: Chapter   12                                                                                            Speech

Sarah's Side ~

It was Friday night, I missed him..A lot. But you know there was really nothing I could do about it and neither could he. For some reason me being mad at him made my pain go away. It was just before smackdown about an hour or so before. I decided I should call Jeff, I mean i'm not suppose to be mad at him too am I?

"Hey Jeffypoo."


"Yah, who else calls you that?"

"What do you want?"

"Your not mad at me too are you?"

"A little, you hurt my brother!"


"Calm down, I know, I just want you two to be okay."

"Sorry, and since when did you care?"

"Since, my brother finally found the one."

"Jeff, i have to go."

I hung up the phone, and was so confused. How could he choose his job over 'the one'. Is that even possible? I mean sure I chose no pain over him, but it's not worth it anyways. After a few minutes went by my phone rang.


"Hey, this is Eve, I know your upset at me from well before but hey watch Smack-
down tonight? Kay."

"Umm I was planning on it Why?"

"Just watch."

I flipped it on and watched it. Nothing different then normal until the end.
Matt came out.

Matt's Side ~

"Jeff, i'm giving a speech tonight okay?"

"Matt! You can't, your job."

"You know how much she means to me, and I made the wrong choice, it's her."

"I can't stop you from loving someone, just be careful."

"I will, I promise."

I waited until my music came out and prepared for this. I walked past Cole and heard him saying how me coming out wasn't on the schedule. and he was right,
I made sure this couldn't get stopped.

"Sarah, if your out there watching, hear me out. You said I say sorry so much that it doesn't mean anything, I'm sorry my love, but I had to leave."


"Wait, Vince, let me finish, you can fire me after!"

"No way in Hell will I let you go on!"

"Crowd? Do you want to pay to hear me speak"

I head the crowd scream a bunch of yes. I knew Vince couldn't say no to money.

"Okay then, as I was saying. I hope most of you will never know what it's like to let a love go. Leaving everything at home, everything you've ever known.
I'm sorry you feel so alone Sarah, It's like I told you you're better off without me. I'm sick of saying sorry for being so far from home. You keep calling and saying that I just don't care. Would you even say that if I was there? If you were here, i'd set you straight. I don't want to string you along and thats why i'm letting you go. I don't know how many times i've tortured you, and I can't count how many fights i've fought with you. I'm sorry that I fell in love with you and caused you pain, but now it's all done. There's really nothing left that I can say."


Just then Jeff's music came out.

"Wait right there Vince! If You fire Matt, then i'm quitting!"

"You can't quit!"

"Oh yes I can..."

Jeff got interupted by Eve coming out.

"and I can too."

A ton of 'Me Too's came out. Soon the whole locker room was out on stage and surrounding the ring.

"If you can't except him, you can't have any of us. & thats it!"

The crowd stood up and I quit. and then it went off air. That was it. The last kiss, the last goodbye, the last job.

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